Beyer, David:: (designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Biessman, Eric:: (designer at raven software) finger

lead designer. see interviews

Bleszinski, Cliff:: (mapper, designer at epic megagames)

lead level designer/co-designer of unreal. see interviews

Blum III, Allen:: (programmer, designer, mapper at 3d realms)

a programmer/designer, allen worked on the duke nukem series

Bouris, Tod:: aka Comm. (programmer, mapper, designer at planetquake) finger

coder, mapper, and designer for QI lavaball, with help from Tony Fabris

Carter, Dave:: aka MotorNerve. (modeler, designer at epic megagames)

animator, modeler creature and weapon designer. unrealnation iv

Choryoth:: John Guthrie. (designer, mapper at valve software)

(b10/15) with wedge, choryoth created the quake airplane and quake kart. started quake command as well as the quake riblet fever with the "no ganking the pork riblets" campaign.

Coomer, Gregg:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/art director

Deckard, Karl:: (designer, artist at valve software)


Disruptor:: Christian Antkow. (programmer, designer at id software) finger

works on quakeworld project. also mapper for quake2. disruptor pioneered 3dnet. see interviews

Duncan:: aka Sageous. (designer, mapper at valve software)

game/level designer

Embrionic Pete:: Pete Manglaviti. (designer, webmaster at quantum axcess) finger

(b1/8) PR/Gaming consultant. Embrionic Pete, the NY pro originally from Long Island, was a great doomer who still plays quake. green haired pete runs the NAWC with hosebag. check out embrionic files

Hall, Tom:: aka Organon. (designer at ion storm) finger

(b9/2) Tom Hall was one of the four original founders of id. He helped design games such as Commander Keen. Tom worked for Apogee on ROTT, Terminal Velocity, and Prey. Tom eventually left for ion storm to rejoin Romero as a vice president and designer. he is working on anachronox. cross-reference dopefish. has a potato named dog. see interviews, Tom Hall web site.

Hoekstra, Kenn:: (designer at raven software) finger

designer. see interviews

Jaquays, Paul:: (mapper, designer at id software) finger

level designer hired in 1997. see interviews

Johnson, Brett:: aka thanos. (designer, musician at valve software)

(b9/8) mapper/composer

Laidlaw, Marc:: (misc, designer at valve software)

game designer/writer marc wrote the cover-story "egos at id" for wired magazine

McGee, American:: aka Tokay. (designer, mapper at id software) finger

(b12/13) originally a tech support guy at id, American created "Crusher" for Doom2. He moved to the position of designer, and has designed popular levels such as DM2 and DM4. Tokay (some sort of mean lizard) has a reported fetish with llamas. pilfered modem at age 13. apparently has a fear of fountains. in march 98, was "let go" from id. mcgee is now starting some sort of internet gambling company. read the saga of california McGee. see interviews

Petersen, Sandy:: (designer, mapper at id software)

designer at id since 1993, Petersen (not Peterson) left id amicably for Ensemble Studios. created "Call of the Cthulhu" RPG and most of quake episode 4. see interviews

Porter, Todd:: (designer at ion storm)

a game designer, todd leads a team working on doppelganger. todd has worked on Knights of Legend (origin), G-nome and Dominion (7th level)

Powers, Steve:: (artist, designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Raffel, Brian:: (designer at raven software) finger

project director / designer

Raymond-Judy, Michael:: (designer at raven software) finger

lead designer

Ridah:: Ryan Feltrin. (programmer, designer, mapper)

part of the impact team, ridah did programming, design, sounds and maps. worked on the x-men tc, now creator of the QII eraser bot

Romero, John:: (designer, mapper at ion storm) finger

(b10/28) one of the original founders of id, Romero left to form ion storm. Romero is a game designer as well as a popular "icon", sporting (16 inch) long black locks of hair (won coolest hair at ion award). known as the "ego of id", Romero possibly hyped quake so much that some were disappointed at id's effort. he is now working on daikatana with the rest of his team. assumed mike wilson's job as CEO of ion when wilson left in dec 97. became CPL chairman and commissioner march 98. see many interviews; Eye on John fan club

Schmalz, James:: (artist, designer at digital extremes)

lead artist, character and game designer. owner of digital extremes.

Sumaleth:: Rowan Crawford. (artist, designer, mapper)

on the impact team, sumaleth does art, modeling, maps and design

Taylor, Dave:: aka ddt. (programmer, designer at crack dot com) finger

(b2/27) owner, producer/designer. ddt worked at id on doom and quake, but left on friendly terms to found see interviews

Teasley, Harry:: (designer, mapper, artist at valve software)

previously worked at shiny entertainment, williams entertainment, and with Sid Meier. see interviews

Theodore, Steve:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/animator, hired dec 97. has a degree in Roman History

Walker, Robin:: (programmer, designer)

worked with John Cook to create QI team fortress

Wedge:: Steve Bond. (designer, programmer at valve software)

(b6/25) wedge and choryoth are well known for creating the quake airplane and kart vehicles. wedge currently is a game designer/engineer at valve

Willits, Tim:: aka Satan. (mapper, designer at id software) finger

lead level designer at id since 1996. see interviews

Zoid:: David Kirsch. (mapper, programmer, designer at id software)

(b2/20) creator the most popular form of CTF, porter of *nix quake software! zoid and morbid update the quakeworld client. soon after signing a contract with id to program ctf for quake2, zoid handed over maintenance of (threewave) ctf to the xenocide flag academy, particularly to Dakota. see interviews

Zuk, Jon:: (designer at raven software) finger



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