Anderson, Beau:: aka Grue. (artist at ritual entertainment) finger


Atkins, Robert:: (artist at ritual entertainment)

3d artist

Backman, Ted:: (artist at valve software)

art director, conceptual artist

Bialas, Artur:: (artist at digital extremes)

texture artist

Bickell, Dan:: (webmaster, artist at screaming neurons)

a well-known skin designer and graphics guy. created the very first home-brew quake skin. maintains the quake graphics faq, worked on graphics for the apocalypse addon. hired by Screaming Neurons LLC, oct 97. see interviews

Borth, Dan:: (artist at ion storm)


Cabrera, Ruben:: (artist at 3d realms) finger

DNF artist

Carmack, Adrian:: aka Bitterman. (artist at id software)

one of the founders of id software, Adrian still works as an artist. not to be confused with -no relation- John Carmack. ate at taco bell for three months straight

Cash, David:: (artist at ion storm)

web artist

Caudle, Shane:: (mapper, artist at epic megagames)

was working on the domain (quake) TC, later hired by epic to do an addon for unreal, currently working on maps for unreal itself. see interviews

Chang, Andy:: (artist at ion storm)

digital artisan

Cloud, Kevin:: (artist at id software)

artist since 1992, kevin is an owner of id software. he is also a modeler, an animator and is the project manager for quake2

Collins, Andrew J:: (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Coomer, Gregg:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/art director

Costinak, Walter:: aka |2|. (artist, webmaster)

(b9/25) walter does graphics and web page programming for many gaming sites. he redid (announced 8/10/97), and has done great logos for blue's news, redwood, quakelab, and many other sites. check out, his own web site

Count, Kraig:: (artist at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Crist, Chuck:: (artist at ion storm)

former origin artist

Daly, James:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual design artist who has worked for comic book companies such as marvel and darkhorse

Deckard, Karl:: (designer, artist at valve software)


Dotson, JW:: aka JayDub. (artist at ion storm)

(b10/10) artist

Eng, Dhabih:: (artist at team evolve)

(b11/19) pronounced 'ZA-Bee'

Fabris, Tony:: (webmaster, modeler, artist at planetquake) finger

best known for the Doom BFG faq, Fabris is worked on Lavaball with tod bouris

Feider, Rich:: (artist at rogue entertainment) finger


Grey_Ghost:: Ryan Lacouture. (webmaster, artist)

skinner who squashed hentai ctf crossdressers with his custom q1 ctf skin

Grimm, Kevin:: aka Kevy-Kev. (artist, webmaster at quantum axcess) finger

graphic design/webmaster

Grossenbacher, Rick:: aka Flatness. (artist at ion storm)

texture artist

Hadwin, Michael:: (artist at ritual entertainment) finger

artist. see interviews

Herrera, Ben:: (artist at ion storm)

conceptual artist

Hornback, Stephen:: (artist at 3d realms)

senior artist

Hosfelt, Jay:: aka Fraus. (artist at ion storm) finger

(b10/16) art

Houston, Michael:: (webmaster, artist)

michael is responsible for the adventures of dank and scud, one of the finest quake comics around

Hughes, Russell:: aka Russman. (artist at ion storm)


Jones, Chuck:: (artist, modeler at valve software)

(b6/22) was an artist/animator for duke3d, rott, shadow warrior

Jones, Dirk:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

was one of the main artists on duke nukem 3d

Karl, Stephen:: aka Kushiel. (misc, artist, mapper at team evolve)

founder of team evolve, director kushiel's duties include graphic design, 3d art, and level design

Kovach, Robert:: (artist at ion storm)


Laur, Karen:: (artist at valve software)

illustrator, texture-maker

Leatham, Mike:: (artist at digital extremes)


Lundeen, Randy:: (mapper, artist at valve software)


Mark, Yatzse:: (artist at valve software)


March, David:: (artist at 3d realms)

modeler/animator for prey

Martel, Brian:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

experienced developer and lead artist who worked with microprose on civilization, then with 3d realms

McCabe, Scott:: (artist at 3d realms)


Morgan, Mark:: (artist at 3d realms)

formerly of raven, texture artist

O'Flaherty, Jerry:: (artist at ion storm)

art director. leads rest of x-treme team artists

Perry, Lee:: aka eepers. (artist at ion storm) finger

lead anachronox artist

Powers, Steve:: (artist, designer at ion storm)

formerly of looking glass tech

Richards, Paul:: (artist at ion storm)


Rorshach:: Kevin Johnstone. (artist, webmaster, mapper at planetquake)

rorshach, a famous skin author, displays some of his work on rorshach's journal. rorshach also has his own quake comic: quiplords. known for creating UKCLDM4, the official UKCL deathmatch level

Schmalz, James:: (artist, designer at digital extremes)

lead artist, character and game designer. owner of digital extremes.

Scott, Kenneth:: aka Dire Proto-Fiend. (artist at planetquake)

skin artist who runs the skinforge

Snyder, Gary:: aka Squeaky. (artist at ion storm) finger


Steed, Paul Howard:: aka Titus. (artist, modeler at id software) finger

(b11/6) steed was an art director at virgin, a designer at iguana entertainment, and an art director at origin. see interviews or his own paul steed FAQ

Storey, James:: (artist at rebel boat rocker) finger

"pixel god" who worked on duke3d and shadow warrior

Suh, Hugh:: aka Longshot. (artist at ion storm)


Sumaleth:: Rowan Crawford. (artist, designer, mapper)

on the impact team, sumaleth does art, modeling, maps and design

Taylor, Chris:: (artist at ion storm)

(b10/9) sculptor

Teasley, Harry:: (designer, mapper, artist at valve software)

previously worked at shiny entertainment, williams entertainment, and with Sid Meier. see interviews

Texier, Ludovic:: (artist at ion storm)

from France, hired nov 97

Theodore, Steve:: (designer, artist at valve software)

designer/animator, hired dec 97. has a degree in Roman History

Thomas, Joel:: aka Aceface. (artist at ritual entertainment)

artist. see interviews

Tyler, Kevyn:: (artist at crack dot com) finger


Voin:: Hushvahtov, Peter. (artist at ion storm) finger

known for voin quake, a quake addon that tweaked gameplay and graphics, voin now works at ion storm

Wallin, Michael:: (artist at 3d realms)

un artiste

Wand, Jeff:: aka Mad Samoan. (artist) finger

previously worked on privateer and wing commander 4 psx. left ION Storm nov 97 to join the Looking Glass team. see interviews [mis]n Wanker: Ian Wall. 0xx;,possibly quakecast's #1 fan (compare quakepsycho), wanker runs the quake cafe and the quakecast highlights page

Washburn, Mike:: (artist at ritual entertainment)

artiste. see interviews

Whaleboy:: Brian Cozzens. (artist at 3d realms) finger

(b11/16) whaleboy was responsible for some of the artwork in ctf, terminator quake, and shrak. creator of the (defunct) quakex site. he was hired by ion storm and later moved on to 3d realms where he works as an artist. see interviews

Wilson, Stephen C.E.S.:: (artist at crack dot com) finger

3d artist and animator

Wood, Douglas:: aka Drago. (artist at valve software)

animator/modeler/2d artist working on half-life's ingame scripted sequences

Wright, Niqui:: (artist at ion storm)

(b9/20) artist


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