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March 19, 1998. What can I say. It's been fun. But now I'm not sure about the future of Who's Who. Maybe it's too hard to keep track of an ever expanding gaming community (industry employees included). Maybe it's because it's my senior year of high school, or because I'm just sad about losing the two hard drives which had the only recent copies of the Who's Who pseudo-database file..

Anyway, I'm putting Who's Who on indefinite hiatus. I may come back to it, but probably not. Simply, right now I can't truly be proud of Who's Who as a resource. When WW began almost nine months ago (tomorrow will be the quakEncyclopedia's 11th month anniversary), I updated every day or so. The community was smaller and more focused, id software was id software, ritual just began as hipnotic, and ION storm was just beginning to form. Now there's Valve and G.o.D., team gamespy and rebel boat rocker. I can't keep up with the quality that I would demand of myself.

As the future, I'm taking time off from serious webmastering to do other things and reconsider the main idea behind my sites, especially this one. Perhaps I'll size down the scope of WW, change it's focus entirely, or hand over the reins to someone else. Anyway, since I don't think people really visit this site, I'll have to say goodbye to Who's Who. It's been a lot of work, just for the sake of maintaining a simple people resource, but I don't regret a nanosecond. Thanks blue, dakota, bastard, the rest of the planetquake staff, and everyone else who ever mailed to say hello. -- Andrew "kolinahr" Wu

February 2, 1998. Apologies for the dearth of updates.. I'll be away in Alicante, España, from the third to the 23rd of February. Have a nice day.

January 17, 1998. Yes, I still do update this page. I've recently added gathering of developers to the list, and updated many listings regarding the transition from Quake to Quake II.

December 7, 1997. Who's who has gotten too fat. Sorry about this, but I've trimmed a few people in preparation for the age of Quake II. Check out the older who's who pages if you wish. WW was almost tipping 400..

November 1, 1997. Added team evolve, rebel boat rocker, and screaming neurons. currently listing 370 people!

October 31, 1997. Hollow Happyween, and welcome to the blue side of the moon!

October 25, 1997. I've just cleaned up all the interview links so if you want interviews, check out: Profile

October 19, 1997. my new site, profile, has launched. profile is a site dedicated to listing, reviewing, and making new interviews

October 5, 1997. I've been working on a large project lately, though it won't be a subpage of qE or who's who.. look for it soon.

August 23, 1997. check out |24| by David "Kevlar" Kelvin, a site that lists 600+ map authors and their respective works!

August 15, 1997. whew.. i just went through *everybody* who had an email address and wasn't listed on quakefinger to check if they had a plan.. thanks to void for the finger gateway. also updated ion storm and valve software staff.

October 13, 1997. wow, who's who now lists 302 people! btw if you know any missing employees of companies, most notably epic, mail me.

July 3, 1997. sadly, I will be away for five weeks doing research starting tomorrow, so updates will few and far between..

July 1, 1997. i've gotten a great response from everyone so far.. thanks for your support.

June 30, 1997. it's up. i'm not prefect so email me if i messed up factually or just forgot to include you.


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