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April 20, 1998. the Glossary will no longer be maintained. The quakEncyclopedia, as it was known, opened 1.000 years ago today. And, as the software industry is now discovering, it takes much more effort to maintain something than it does to create it. I've tried to keep the Glossary up-to-date, but as of late it's been a bit stale. Links have died, but I hope, at least, that you have learned something and enjoyed this site.

Quake's "sequel" may have been a great eye-candy sugar rush, but in terms of "terms", it had little linguistic impact. Maybe I'm out of touch, in a myopic sense, but I don't predict any leap in gaming terms until the Q3 engine, probably even later.

As for Profile and House of Mouse, they will still be available, as this site will (probably) continue to be available. However, I won't update Profile or HOM as frequently... I'm off to do other things. College is fast approaching, and I have other interests I'd like to pursue. Perchance you'll see me running some linux website. (Now if only websites had massive peer review..)

Anyway, even though people don't visit this site much, I'd like to thank (in pseudo-random order): Stephen Heaslip, Darren Tabor, Mark Surfas, Kevin Bowen, Patrick Cupka, the rest of the PQ crew, and Eric S. Raymond (even though I don't know him :) And also, a Thank You (tm) to you, Mr. xor Mrs. Visitor, for your support.

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