Quake II mods/TCs


capture the flag. players are divided into the red team and the blue team, placed on opposing sides of a modified level. players try to infiltrate the other team's base, steal the flag, frag, and return back to base to score.

id's official version of ctf, released feb 98, was programmed mainly by Zoid.

captured.com features Dakota's frontline CTF news, tons of other CTF content, and also hosts homegrown versions of ctf such as Loki's Minions CTF. more CTF info at the Guide...

cluster project::

a project that aims to create an incarnation of QII that supports inter-server travel. page hosted at pq.com/logic/


ridah's eraser bot, available at impact, was not the first bot, but is probably considered to be the first playable bot. the eraser, though, is still an early beta.


PC: players frag other players, pick up their head(s) and return it to an altar for points. homepage: planetquake/headhunters


dm mod where two teams battle until one team is totally in jail. fragged players teleport into the opposing team's jail, both of which are diametrically opposed in standard jail base formation. pq/rxn/jail/

rocket arena::

starting as a simple concept and a map, planeteers took over and created rocket arena for quake I. in an arena, two fully equipped players duke it out under the crowd's eye. winner stays. RA2 was released in jan 98. pq/servers/arena

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