the History of... stuff
-----written in Quake era-----
impact: well-known quake addon development team located at impact has released quess (quake chess), and quake rally.

java quake: quake implementation using the java language. located at in may, java quake offered deathmatch, but was forced to shut down on 5/29 due to usage of id levels, textures, and models. reborn in frag island

MPlayer: mplayer is a young multiplayer service that touts that it is "the place for fast multiplayer games on the internet". mplayer offers free and "plu$" access for multiplayer gaming. it supports great games such as quake (+ctf), and other games such as red alert or mech warrior 2.
      mplayer came under attack by quake players who were angered at the decision to hold the tournament for John Carmack's "old" ferrari on mplayer. (btw thresh won) mplayer does not support quakeworld, but uses its own lag reducing techniques which may not be as good as those of quakeworld's. one wonky bug was that players whose names were longer than 16 characters automagically qualified for the second round. although players complain of misreported scores, poor lag, and software problems, mplayer is working hard to improve their technology and fix existing bugs. mplayer currently supports "classic" net.quake which is better for lpbs. company homepage:

QPlug: quake browser plug-in that enables players to start a quakeworld game from within a browser. see qplug info at stomped

WCU: WCU (worldcraft university) met quasi-weekly on Sundays on IRC. Its goal was to instruct people about the use of the Worldcraft level editor. check out The Forge

Impact is not developing anything currently. Java Quake II is not likely. GameSpy and QII are poised to take over any for-play-gaming opposition.

-historian kolinahr, updated 98 mar 9