the History of... quakespy
-----written in Quake era-----
Quake-C: programming language created by John Carmack, loosely based on the C programming language. quake c allows players to modify the quake gameplay in any way, for example speeding up rockets or making new weapons.
      months ago, a decompiler was released. the decompiler takes the progs.dat (compiled, usable quake-c) and takes it apart to its component source files. the source files can be used to simply learn how the patch works, but sometimes hacks of the source code are created. most notoriously, the reaper has been hacked, without the author's permission, and various tutorials and reaper hacks are available. since the decompiler was released, programmers have created progs.dat scramblers to foil would-be addon hacks
      quake c offers great expandability, but companies using the quake engine are moving to a dll format. quake c (compiler and source) is freely available, check out the QC archives for quake-c patches, Inside 3d for quake-c hacking info, or the qc source page. more qc info at the Guide...

Quake-C is out. DLLs are in. Useful decompilers seem unlikely.

-historian kolinahr, updated 97 dec 7