the History of... old sites
-----written in Quake era-----


late+great quake news page by Joost Schuur. aftershock was a regularly maintained quake news page that was sadly closed down fairly soon after quake was released in the middle of 1996.
see also: slipgate central

cult of phoebus::

good gaming site for virtually all 3d action games: (by Phoebus)

new vore times::

quake parody site; offered funnybunny stories such as the adventures of blue, or janitor bob stories. @ run by Fragmaster, as of 4/20/97, NVT was on hiatus, and on 5/25/97, Frags closed down the NVT. see also pork riblets


hosts quake pages. stomped was one of the first quake news/everything else pages, located at more host info at the Guide...


the void is a sadly defunct quake news site, maintained by Patrick Cupka, who closed to focus on planetquake

Schuur, Fragmaster, and Cupka now/still work with Planetquake. Phoebus has taken up a web job at Activison. Stomped is not regularly maintained.

-historian kolinahr, updated 97 dec 7