the History of... GLQuake
-----written in Quake era-----
GLQuake: special version of quake (.exe file) that offers better graphics if you have a compatible 3d video card. not all 3d video cards support OpenGL (Zanshin's def), which is needed to run glquake. the 3dfx (Zanshin's def) voodoo chipset, used in cards such as the monster 3d, is often recommended. glquake provides effects that regular quake does not have: shadows, reflective surfaces, transparent water, and better texturing.
      the newest version of glquake offers a bit of colored lighting and better performance. Check out the 3dfx faq and Zanshin's GLdojo. more gl info at the Guide...

VQuake: specially modified quake that enables players with compatible 3d cards to have enhanced graphics. more vq info at the Guide...

GLQuake is no longer necessary, as Quake II's exe has both a software renderer and a GL engine. VQuake, for Verite chips, was a "mistake," commented id's John Carmack.

-historian kolinahr, updated 97 dec 7