the History of... foxing
-----written in Quake era-----
as a noun, (20th century) fox refers to a media company which has earned the ire of many quakers. as a verb, being "foxed" refers to being shut down by fox (or perhaps another large corporation). when a conversion is foxed, the creators are forced to stop work and must tell the public to delete any and all references to the foxed conversion.
      historically, companies did not crack down on addons for doom that used trademarked motifs such as aliens doom or the ever popular barney doom. companies are beginning to guard their "intellectual" property more carefully as popular (albeit free) user-made addons become more popular (and profitable).
      TCs that have been foxed include: alien quake, predator tc, mortal kombat tc, mario tc and the shut-down Wheel of Time quake (WOTQ). cross-reference with quego, a TC that changed names from Lego3d due to legal reasons.
      several TCs have been reborn after foxing. wheel of time quake has tranmogrified into fantasy quake: rise of the phoenix, and mario ate some mushrooms and turned into bugz.
      the st@r w@rs tc changed names to stellar conquest to avoid being foxed, but soon returned to its star wars moniker in hopes of forming a (rebel?) alliance with lucas arts. lucas arts has allegedly said they may "look the other way"
      figuratively, being foxed can also refer to being forced to stop work on any project (not necessarily a TC) due to pressing legal action. for example zanshin, who is writing a full OpenGL port for the 3dfx, was mysteriously foxed and was forced to go to court (currently going to arbitration, not a jury trial).
      In mainstream usage, according to wired, "foxed" is used to describe a web site "threatened with legal action for copyright infringement... coined after [Fox] sent cease-and-decease letters to unofficial X-files and Simpsons Web sites." see FIST, a site about mainstream foxing of fox-fan websites (simpsons, x-files etc)

Quego, Star Wars, and Bugz never came out. There are no Quake II TCs yet, even though several have been in design stages for several months. Zanshin's court case with an unknown plaintiff has ended.

-historian kolinahr, updated 97 dec 7