the History of... level editing
-----written in Quake era-----
BSP: very popular quake level editor by Yahn Bernier. go to BSP hq.

deathmatch maker: commercial 'id authorized' level editor by Virtus. try the Deathmatch maker homepage. the web page caused a controversy when marketing made supercilious comments about their editor as compared to others.

qED: level editing software by Matt Tagliaferri. homepage:

qoole: level editor: available at

thred: discontinued quake level editor

id software has released QE4 with its source code, spawning several variants. The best known of these variants, QERadiant has been adopted by several professional level designers. Worldcraft now supports Quake II.
      Quake II's lighting is more advanced than Quake I's. Besides better/colored lighting, QII maps no longer include textures as QI did.
      Cross reference with the history of addons.

-historian kolinahr, updated 98 mar 9