the History of... demos
-----written in Quake era-----
Demo: a quake recording usually of deathmatchs. movies have been created such as Operation Bayshield and various Ranger clan movies. DemoLand or QL: multimedia are great demo resources. Some editors are: dic KeyGrip, DEMentED, and Film at 11. more demo info at the Guide...

Blahbalicious: One of the last great Quake movies by Avatar and wendigo, Blahbalicious is a movie about.. well you just have to watch it :)

Movie: using edited demo (.dem) files, and custom quake-c hacks, people have been able to create movies with voice and action. try Operation Bayshield or Ranger clan movies. check out QuakeLab: Multimedia for movie making info.

Operation Bayshield: infamous quake movie by clan Undead. the sequel to operation bayshield is being worked on. download Operation Bayshield or its quake-c source

There are no real Quake II demos/movies yet. Quake I demo editors are incompatible with Quake II's demo code.
      The Ranger clan is defunct, and the much awaited Ranger Gone Bad 3 (RGB3) never came out. OpBays2 never materialized either.

-historian kolinahr, updated 98 mar 9