the History of... conventions
-----written in Quake era-----
fray: quake convention held late august 1997 in nanuet, NY. see fray homepage, mystery review, witzbold report, jakfrost's photos

M3: Manhattan Memorial (day) Marathon. m3 was a quake LAN party in NYC, May 23-May 26, 1997. m3 was free, and was held at Pseudo Online (home of quakecast). although m3 was byoc, many quakers graciously left their computers on, explicitly allowing those without computers to play quake. m3 was sponsored by the cyberweb cafe, pseudo online, and planetquake.

some of the people who were at m3: [pq] bastard, blue, dweomer, fargo, fragmaster kolinahr, lithium, loonyboi. [ritual] giggler, paradox, sCary. [misc] avatar, crt, dipstick, drastic man, some Gib clansmen, hs!, Ikkarus, joost schuur, judge cal, killcreek, Mute, pms-phoenix, phoebus, radpipe, some rangers, stormalong, some THE clansmen, tony fabris, wanker, wendigo, yossman. [qa] Steve Smith, Kevin Grimm, Matt Walsh, (greenie) Embrionic Pete. more m3 info at:

QuakeCon: a 500+ person gathering of quake players and celebrities, quakecon '97 met in dallas, texas (3rd week of july). besides massive quaking, upcoming games were demoed, lectures and seminars were given, and t-shirts were doled out. see

quakecon reports: pq- fargo's, games domain, gamespot, pc games, brutality, razor; quakecon vs m3 article, brutality pix, phoebus pix, nawc survey, redwood's impressions, stomped: quakecon, pix.

The FRAG: brought to you by the organizers of quakecon, the FRAG, a 500+ person quake event, was held in Dallas, TX, from Oct 31 to Nov 2. gollum won the tourny and walked away with an uber gaming system. see for more info, blue's diary

QuakeCon 98 is a possibility.

-historian kolinahr, updated 97 dec 7