the History of... bots
-----written in Quake era-----
a (ro)bot is a quake addon that allows players to play against simulated deathmatch opponent(s). the most popular bot is the reaper bot.
      although quake c bots such as the reaper must be run on the server side, a true client side bot can be run on the clientside. this means that even if you don't run a server, you can use client-side bots such as Stooge bot while playing net quake. although the client-side Stooge bot only enhances a player's aim, many other client-side bots such as the mike bot are fully autonomous and run by themselves.
      client-side bots also can not cheat like some quake-c bots can because the client does not have as much access to game information as a quake-c bot does. many players frown upon client-side bots that do not announce their 'botness', and most bots obey the command 'no bots'.

      Quake II bots continue to make progress, offering stronger AI and more options like team play.

-historian kolinahr, updated 98 mar 9