the History of... the BFG
-----written in Quake era-----
back in the old days (~1994), there was a weapon in doom called the BFG 9000. nobody knew how to use it correctly, and in those days '7' meant bfg, not rocket launcher. bfg stood for "big fun gun" (ok the F has an alternate meaning :), and fired a huge greenish sphere of energy at slightly slower than rocket speed.
      eventually, doom.gods figured out the arguably most complex weapon ever invented. basically, whenever you fired, the angle of discharge was recorded. when the bfg impacted, invisible rays of death emanated in the recorded angle, fragging anyone in it's path. people also discovered that pressing space to push the wall (or by falling) caused the space marine to grunt, allowing players to perform the silent bfg (no sound).
     quake2 has a bfg-type weapon. check out the classic BFG faq by Tony Fabris

      Quake II's BFG specs are available in Fabris's updated BFG faq

-historian kolinahr, updated 98 mar 9