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The more successful a game, the more devoted the fans.  This was true before the internet explosion, and game-related fanaticism has only increased in the past couple of years.  With increasing usage of the internet comes increased development of popular games by the many creative minds that follow the game.  Now, many of the most exciting innovations to be introduced to games originate from hobbyist outside of the gaming company.  Of all of the gaming sub-communities, none is as fanatic as the Quake Community.

The "Quake Community" evolved from the development of Quake. The community is comprised of the vast group of players and webmasters that focus their energies on the game of Quake. It is from this group that many of the most exciting and innovative ideas have come. Most of the programs, and almost all of the web sites, mentioned in The Gamer's Guide were developed by people who are not associated with id Software and do not receive monetary compensation for their efforts.

In many ways, the gaming community as a whole is a more involved community than any "real" community. When was the last time your neighbor built a bridge for free or donated land for a public park? Almost every day a new, free program is released to the public. The countless hours that are invested into each individual program are given for the good of the gaming community. If only such altruism were present in every community.

The virtual family called the gaming community is incredibly diverse. Recent matches between teams representing various European nations demonstrate the the vast expanse of the games popularity. Programmers from Germany, level designers from Argentina, and web masters from from most continents on the planet form the intricate web of the community.

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