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At its most elemental level, Quake is a very simple game. A player moves through different maps and fires weapons at objects, monsters, and other players. People who do not play first-person shooters may equate every game from id Software to such a simple strategy. However, those who play Quake realize that Quake requires a great deal of strategy, especially for game modifications that implement team play. A player has to know which weapons to use, how to use them, and where to find them. The wide range of scores in almost every deathmatch is evincive of the fact that some players know how to play better than other players. Fortunately, several individuals have created web sites to assist newer players, and veterans looking for new tips, in becoming a better player.


Quake Weenie Logo

The Quake Weenie Tactics Site is an outstanding collection of tips and advise for potential deathmatchers. The tips are divided into the following sections: Maneuvers, Escape, Cowardice, Stats (detailed analysis of weapons and powerups), Weapons, Console, and the catch-all Tactics. A powerful search engine, called the Weenie Rooter, has been added to the site to aid visitors in finding information. This site is the creation of Andy "The Exalted Weenie" Gieser.

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The Clan Xenocide Flag Academy is a must for players interested in Capture the Flag. The Academy was created through the merger of four separate CTF site, and presently houses the largest collection of CTF strategy tip on the web. Courses at the Academy include Basic Training, which covers all of the special rules, runes, and strategies of CTF, and Officers Training, which is a detailed analysis of all 51 levels of CTF. The site also has a great collection of stories, a great CTF news page, and the largest bunch of CTF files on the planet. The site was created by David "Ender" Brewer, David "Bounty Hunter" Metz, Nollind "Gentle Nova" Whachell, and Darren "Dakota" Tabor.

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