Partial Conversions

A Partial Conversion, or PC, is a modification of Quake that is more than a mod but less than a total conversion. A PC is typically a collection of levels, weapon modifications, or new skins placed over the existing character models in Quake. There are many partial conversion that are nearing completion or have just been released in beta form. Most of them will face the same challenge as Total Conversion: releasing a product that is based upon the characters or creatures from a movie, television, or book. Despite repeated warning, many new PCs and TCs devoted to trademark and copyright protected ideas appear every month.


It is unclear whether Ritual Entertainment and Rogue Entertainment would identify their Quake Mission Packs as being partial conversion, but both seem to fit best into this category. Both have new weapons, new monsters, and new levels, but these modifications are not so extensive as to dramatically alter the purpose, look, or feel of Quake. You still play the same character and do the same things that you would do in Quake; kill everything that moves.

The Mission Packs are certainly the most impressive partial conversion available, but they should be impressive. Both were produced by professionals and are only sold commercially. Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity have raised the bar for the Quake derivatives expected during the next two quarters.

The PainKeep is one of the most successful and recognizable partial conversions. Some of the amazing features of this PC include 7 brand new weapons, 21 original deathmatch levels, 60 new models, 150 new sounds, and countless other modifications of Quake. This enormous project, generated from within the Quake community, easily competes with some of the best product that have been sold commercially. The Pain Keep team includes Chris Bolin, Shane Powell, Matt Houser, Joe Skinner, Mark Lewis, Stephen F. Karl, Dan Martin, and Anders Gustavsson.

Beyond Belief is an impressive collection of 7 single-player Quake maps. These maps are some of the best to come from the Quake community and are the creation of Matthias Worch, who has recently joined the team at Ritual Entertainment. Beyond Belief is available for free download, as is his Armageddon series of levels.

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