Other Companies

There is a small group of software companies that have become very involved with Quake and the Quake community. The three that are listed here are all based in Texas, like id Software. Relations between the companies range from friendly to mildly hostile, dependent upon the the individual members involved and their relationships.


Ion Storm

Ion Storm

Ion Storm is by far the most popular software company to have never released a single software title. The reason for their recognition is a collection of high-profile programmers, designers, and artists. The leader of Ion Storm is John Romero, one of the founding members of id Software and the designer of many of the levels in Quake. Romero has assembled a team of other former id employees and talented members of the Quake community. The first release from Ion Storm will be called Daikatana, and is scheduled for release in the spring of 1998. For more information on Daikatana, check out Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana.

High profile members of Ion Storm

John Romero: Game designer, Chairman and co-founder of Ion Storm, self-ordained God of Quake, and former "ego of id." Romero was a founding member of id Software and formed Ion Storm upon his departure. There appears to still be some bad blood between Romero and the members of id, but most of it is vented through good-natured jokes.

Tom Hall: Game designer, co-founder and vice-president of Ion Storm, Hall's past credits include Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, DOOM, Rise of the Triad, Terminal Velocity, and Prey.

Jerry O'Flaherty: Art Director. O'Flaherty has a background in art, film-making, 3D modeling, and animation, and is the person in charge of the art staff on all of Ion's games.

Kee Kimbrell: Lead Programmer for Diakatana, and author of DWANGO.

Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh: Lead programmer on Anachronox.

Jonathan "Nelno the Amoeba" Wright: Artificial Intelligence programmer for Diakatana.

John "Dr Sleep" Anderson: Level designer for Diakatana

Matt "DaBug" Hooper: Level Designer for Diakatana

Ritual Entertainment

Ritual Entertainment, formerly known as Hipnotic Interactive, Inc., is another relative newcomer that may be best known to Quake players as the creators of Quake Mission Pack No.1, The Scourge of Armagon. With this auspicious beginning, Ritual has established itself as a player in the gaming software community. This position is sure to be solidified when Ritual releases SiN, a first-person shooter utilizing the Quake/Quake 2 engine.

High profile members of Ritual

Mark Dochtermann: Programming

Jim "Judas" Dosť: Programming, Design

Richard "Levelord" Gray: Design

Mike "Giggler" Wardell: Design

Tom "Paradox" Mustaine: Design

Michael Hadwin: Art

Steve "sCary" Gibson- Formerly the webmaster of the sCary's QuakeHole, Steve Gibson is now the self-appointed web p1mp of Ritual Entertainment software. He provides the Quake community with a great news page, and has been working hard on revising Hipnotic's web presence.

Rogue Entertainment

Rogue Entertainment ogo

Rogue Entertainment was the creator of Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity, and was responsible for Strife. I addition to supplying the Quake community with great games, Rogue has also begun to pass on its knowledge through the Rogue Design Studio.

High profile members of Hipnotic

Jim Molinets - President, Game Design, and Level Construction.

Rich Fleider - Artist, Level Designer.

Steve Maines - Level Designer, 3D Modeling and Animation.

Peter Mack - Programming, Tools, Archive, and Technology.

Steve Tietze - Level Construction, Tools, Texture Artist, 3D Modeling and Animation.

Cameron Lamprecht - Level Construction.

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