A mod is a relatively minor modification of the programming composition of a game.  More and more game developers are allowing their games to evolve by allowing end-users to modify the game.   There were many mods created for games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, but Quake started a mini-revolution in mod creation with the accessibility of the Quake C programming language.  Since that time, legions of fans have been adding modifications to Jedi Knight, Quake II, and Unreal.  These mods can be as simple as changing the way an existing weapon works or as extensive as implementing a entirely new method of gameplay. The shear number of mods created makes this the most actively developed area of the Gaming Community.

New weapons represent the largest group of mods. Some, like homing missiles, are only minor tweaks of a game's arsenal. Others are blasts from the past, like the BFG 9000 from Doom. Most are entirely new creations that expand the game dramatically.


Sluggo's Mod Central is a large site that provides reviews, guides, and some of the basic information on many of the mods created for Quake II.  Sluggo has a special place in his heart for teamplay mods, especially CTF, and does a fine job of covering them.


At one time, Quake C Archive hosted the largest collection of Quake C mods available on the internet. Team QCA kept track of a countless array on mods available and presents them in an organized manner.  It was a fantastic site and will be sorely missed.   The QCA Review Library is still available, so you can look up reviews of some innovative Quake mods.

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