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Few software companies have had as auspicious beginnings as LucasArts Entertainment Company. LucasArts was founded in 1982 by filmmaker George Lucas, and has been a player in the gaming market ever since. The company does create some original ideas and story-lines, but their most successful games have been based on popular films created by its founder, such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

When id Software's Doom caught the gaming industry by surprise, LucasArts was quick to license the technology and release their own title. Dark Forces was well-received for its impressive levels, graphics, and sound. In fact, Dark Forces received numerous awards and accolades. PC Gamer said that it was ""Easily the best first-person shooter since Doom."

It was two years before LucasArts released the sequel to Dark Forces. In late 1997, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was released, and has once again garnered praise for LucasArts.


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