jobs in the gaming industry


artists are responsible for creating the 2d textures and skins that add eye candy and create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. artists also do design sketches that modelers use as a reference. some artists are also modelers and versa vice


business guys manage the non-techie stuff like making deals with publishers, occasionally handling pr, or dealing with various business matters


designers, such as romero, flesh out the game world before and during production. a designer creates a large design document that contains detailed descriptions of characters, weapons, levels, atmosphere etc.

level designer/mapper::

aka level designers, bsp p1mps. level designers create the 3d levels that gamers play in. many LDs were hired by companies simply because they made kick-ass levels. level designing is a mix of many things: art, architecure, design, gameplay, and technology. the term "level designer" usually connotes a higher degree of professionalism, while mapper mostly refers to hobbyists or people who make TC maps.

prey producer Schuytema uses the term "environmentalist" instead of level designer, implying a greater degree of in-game immersion and a continuity


other things that people do in the gaming industry- beta tester: tries to find bugs and bad gameplay. sysadmin: takes care of network. producer: creates design documents, coordinates and manages the development team. writer: writes scripts for cut-scenes, manuals or design documents.


modelers create the 3d models used for monsters, players, and weapons. models are created using polygons using expensive 3d editing software. modelers also have to animate the models, creating frames (one pose) for every slight movement a model must make. for example, many frames are needed to animate a player walking


music is an important, if ignored, part of gaming. although quake has ambient "music" from NiN, future games will use music more effectively. musicians have the job of writing the songs, usually one per level, that set the mood for the game


programmers must code the basic game engine. by using computer languages such as C, programmers tell the computer how to properly display a 3d screen (very difficult), implement gameplay, and handle multiplayer connections. the game engine is the basic program that handles graphics, multiplayer, and user control. game engines do not include a large deal of gameplay aspects, although most engines (unlike quake) are not flexible


quakers play quake. for long periods of time. very well.


aka web p1mp. a webmaster maintains a web site: updating news, designing layout, and coding the html. some webmasters use frontpage '97 or other utilities to avoid looking at the html source

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