Ion Storm

Ion Storm

Ion Storm is by far the most popular software company to have never released a single software title. The reason for their recognition is a collection of high-profile programmers, designers, and artists. The leader of Ion Storm is John Romero, one of the founding members of id Software and the designer of many of the levels in Quake. Romero has assembled a team of other former id employees and talented members of the Quake community. Ion Storm was founded shortly after Romero's departure from id. There appears to still be some bad blood between Ion Storm and the members of id, but most of it is vented through good-natured jokes.

The first release from Ion Storm will be called Daikatana, and is scheduled for release in the spring of 1998. Following the release of this first person shooter, Ion is scheduled to release several other software titles that will span the entire breadth of computer games. John Carmack once commented that he was unlike Romero because he didn't want to create an empire. If the five games under development by Ion Storm are as impressive as they appear to be, Ion Storm may just be at the beginning of building a gaming empire.



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