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Welcome to the Gamer's Guide, the combination of the sites formerly known as the Quake Newbie Guide, QuakEncyclopedia, and Who's Who in 3D. The names have changed, but our goal remains the same: to provide a manual for players that are new to the game of Quake and the many games that are based upon similar technology. However, the Gamer's Guide is not an instructional site on how to play better or where to find all of the secrets in the various levels of the the game. Gamer's Guide is a guide through the myriad of information, services, and programs that comprise the "Quake Community" and related groups that support games derived from Quake. Virtually every bit of information about Quake and its associated programs is available on the web, but it has become increasingly difficult for the new player to track it all down. Hopefully, the Gamer's Guide will help to solve this problem.

The Gamer's Guide is divided into three sections. The first is The Guide, the site formerly known as the Quake Newbie Guide. The second section, The Glossary, replaces the QuakEncyclopedia. Who's Who has retained the same name but has broadened its scope beyond Quake to include other games.

The Guide is divided into several subject areas, and each area is then subdivided into various topics. Each topic is then typically written in two sections: the first section describes the area in some detail, and then the second section provide a description of an outstanding example of the subject. Please note that the program or site that is in the "Spotlight" is my own personal preference and is not to be taken as a criticism of other such programs and sites.

Andrew "Kolinahr" Wu has been a great help in integrating the information contained in his excellent site, "The Glossary" into the Guide. We have attempted to provide links that lead to definitions for all of the words and phrases that might be unfamiliar to new players.

Similarly, Who's Who is a giant list of the most influential and active people involved in 3D gaming. This list, like the other sections of the Gamer's Guide, has its roots in the Quake Community.


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