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Id Software is a closely held corporation headquartered in Mesquite, Texas. Beginning with Commander Keen in 1990, id has revolutionized the computer game industry. Great games, exciting graphics, and breakthrough technologies are its trademark. The corporation is named "for the instinctual part of the human psyche first identified by Freud."

id is unique in many ways. The companies involvement in the online community is unprecedented and unequaled.

id has proven itself to be genius at more than just software development. Using a non-traditional means of product distribution -- shareware channels, online services, and the Internet -- id has helped to create a new way to market computer games. The "try before you buy" strategy id uses is to freely release a portion of the game to the public through online services and the Internet. Then, if the customer likes the game, the full version can be ordered directly from id. To complement its electronic sales, id works with a leading retail distributor to make its games available on store shelves.

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Members of id provide a constant stream of information to the public about the further development of Quake and the creation of Quake 2. Additionally, the company has been working on countless free programs for Quake, both from id itself as well as from the Quake community at large. These software gifts evince id dedication to players.

With each release of new games, id immediately becomes the target of other companies seeking to produce a more successful game. Ironically, most of them do so by licensing the technology created by id. There can be little doubt that many of the "Doom Killers" and "Quake Killers" are impressive, but id seems to stay at least a couple of steps ahead and has yet to be displaced from the hearts and minds of gamers.

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