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Hexen 2 should be the first computer game that bridges the gap between Quake and Quake 2. Raven Software and id Software have been working closely together to finish the sequel to Hexen, which was itself a sequel to Heretic. Hexen 2 will provide the Quake community with its first glimpse at a finished project incorporating the many developments since Quake's release. Hexen 2 is being developed by Raven, published by id, and distributed by Activision.

On August 28, 1997, Raven Software released the playable demo of Hexen 2.  This demo has two of the four character classes, tons of weapons and monsters, and support for GL and multi-player games.  The demo can be downloaded here.   ][ronman, one of the original collectors or server lists, has created a server list for Hexen 2 servers.

On September 11, 1997, the retail version of Hexen 2 hit the stores. Hexen 2 offers gamers a new hub system of levels, analogous to Hexen, new weapons, and new character classes. Hexen originally introduced three character classes for players to choose from: Fighter, Mage, and Cleric. For Hexen 2, Raven has revamped the character classes into Paladin, Assassin, Necromancer, and Crusader. Each class will have a set of unique weapons, such as a crossbow, war hammer, and a sickle. Add to this a huge host of new enemies and you have a great development of a very good game.

Here are some of the screenshots that have been made available by Raven:

Hexen 2 will also represent a further development of the Heretic story. Here is the story from the Activision site:

We also have some technical information about Hexen 2. Thus far, we know Hexen 2 will support (list taken from Hexen2.com:


HexenWorld logo

HexenWorld is an outstanding site hosted by PlanetQuake.  HexenWorld is the home of the official Hexen 2 FAQ and is being updated daily for news and information.  The site also hosts several other istes dedicated to Hexen 2.  Part of the reason this site is so outstanding is the team that created it, a team that includes Phoebus, the webmaster for Raven Software.  This is the place to go if you are interested in Hexen 2.

Strategon is a new site, recently moved to HexenWorld, that provides a great deal of information on deathmatch techniques for Hexen 2. Great appearance and great information. Considering how good this site is at providing info for the Hexen 2 demo, there is no question that it will be outstanding in covering the full product. Site by Phayyde.

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Hexen2.com is a gigantic site dedicated exclusively to Hexen 2. Not only does this site have up-to-the-second news about the game, it also has accumulated every scrap of information available about Hexen 2 and organized it into the Hexen 2 bible.  Site by Oatmeal and Zentron.

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