Half-Life is a first-person shooter being developed by Valve Software. Valve will be using the Quake\Quake 2 graphics engine for this game, and expect to release it in November of 1997. Sierra On-Line will be the exclusive publisher and distributor of Half-Life.

The story behind Half-Life is a twist on a now familiar theme:

Here are some recent screenshots:

Although this game is building on the Quake\Quake 2 engine, Half-Life will introduce several revolutionary ideas and effects. One important feature is "skeletal animation," which is described in this press release posted before E3:

Additionally, Half-Life is expected to have a much improved artificial intelligence and support for Open GL, Direct X, and MMX technologies. Valve has assembled a team of the finest developers to arise from the Quake Community and it seems highly likely that Valve will actually deliver on all of these promises. A very detailed interview with members of Valve has been posted by Online Gaming Review. Other information may become available on Hoc Opus, a page updated by Wedge and Choryoth, the former team behind Quake Command and current members of Valve.


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Jaspur's Half-Life News and Happenings is a perfect example on how to create a site for a game that hasn't been released. This site has every bit of information available about Half-Life and has each item placed into a logical order. This makes it quite easy for visitors to learn about the game. Site by Jaspur.

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