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GL Quake is a program written to optimize the benefits of graphics cards that use Open GL, a graphics library developed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. The most popular cards that use Open GL are those based on the Voodoo Graphics 3D chip set. This chip set, made by 3Dfx is currently used in the Diamond Monster 3D and Orchid Righteous 3D, and should soon be appearing in many other graphics cards. Like the other outstanding free programs from id Software, this program is unsupported. This means that you should NOT be sending e-mail to John Carmack asking him how to install and configure GLQuake.

Installation of the program is fairly straightforward, although use of the application is not intuitive. For detailed instructions, and a great FAQ, go to the GLQuake FAQ at 3Dfx. Then experiment with the myriad of command line options available. I would strongly suggest you read the readme document carefully and print it out for reference. The program has a lot of options available from the command line, so many that it is practically impossible to remember them all.

GLQuake is a great step forward in 3D gaming. It is amazing the difference GLQuake makes in the appearance of colors and textures. Sharp, angular textures are smoothed out, and the true depth of textures is realized. Other players appear so different that it is hard to imagine you are still playing Quake and not some advanced beta for Quake II.Quake suddenly looks more like an experiment in 3D art than a video game. Even the most mundane level takes on a wonderful luster. If GLQuake was for sale, its advertisement would likely be "See Quake again for the first time." Here is a screenshot to prove the point:

GLQuake sample

In addition to smoothing out textures, GLQuake also adds some new effects to weapons and lighting. The glow of a torch or of a CTF flag now actually looks like a glow. A warm ball of light envelopes the object. The same glow surrounds a rocket as it careens down a hallway, lighting its path. A similar effect is present in regular Quake, but is enhanced in GLQuake. Explosions and ricochets also appear different, more realistic.

John Carmack handed the source code for QuakeWorld to David Kirsch and Jack Mathews, and they have recently released version 2.0 of QuakeWorld, which includes GL QuakeWorld. This combination should provide the ultimate gaming experience and the foundation for multi-player support in Quake II.  Mathews has retired from developing QuakeWorld and GL Quake, but Kirsch has recently released version 0.97 of GL Quake.

The most recent version can be downloaded here. Like WinQuake, it is a good idea to also download a small version of DirectX.


GL Quake Dojo logo

The GL Quake Dojo is the source for current news, files, and helpful information on GL Quake. Zanshin also provides visitors with an outstanding FAQ detailing the intricacies of using GL Quake. Stop by this site before you download anything.

Water logo

This is a fairly simple site that has provide an invaluable service for the Quake community, especially those lucky few that can use GL Quake and GL QuakeWorld. The good folks at Transparent Water for GL Quake have gone through the most popular levels available for Quake and re-VISed them to allow for transparent water. John Carmack had included transparent water in GL Quake, which can be used by the "-r_wateralpha 0.3" command (any number between 0 and 1), but maps need to be re-VISed to take advantage of the feature. Anyone can do this, but it is a very long procedure. Transparent Water for GL Quake solves the problem by doing the work for you. The great thing about this is that now every server can quickly support transparent water and more people can take advantage of this feature. Credit goes to Andy Bay, Ken Alverson, and Chris Bolin. Here are the files that are currently available:

To install, download the patches you desire and unzip them into an empty directory. In Windows 95, right click on the install.bat file then select properties and memory. Change the initial environment from "auto" to "4096". Close and then double click on the install.bat file. Follow the instructions.

Flying Penguin's GL Quake/Monster 3D FAQ

The GL Quake/Monster 3D FAQ may not be complex in structure or stunning in design, but it is filled with great information. Most of the information will apply to all cards that support GL Quake, but is primarily written for the Monster 3D card from Diamond. This FAQ is maintained by Robert "Flying Penguin" Osotio.

GLQ+ logo

GLQ+ is an outstanding utility that makes squeezing every last drop of performance from GLQuake easy. The author, Bjørn Stensrun, was able to increase his framerate by 100% using this tool. Players with low framerates must download this program. Please note that this program is freeware, but users are recommended to register GLQ+ for US $10.

GL Quake Commando Logo

GL Quake Commando is Windows-based, front end for GL Quake. Using GL Quake to its fullest extent requires a large collection of commands. GL Quake Commando simplifies this greatly. The program was created by Rasta, and can be downloaded here:

Download the full version if you are unsure. This program is shareware and registration is requested after 30 days.

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