future ion storm sci-fi rpg using the quake engine. anachronox will feature an obscene number of characters to meet and plenty of places to explore. hopefully should be released in 1998. see anachronox team interview or the anachronox team is headed by tom hall

commander keen::

one of id software's first few games, Commander Keen featured an 8 year old Billy Blaze who rides his mom's vacuum cleaner to fight evil in outerspace. Keen was released in December, 1990, and reappeared in numerous sequels. see dopefish


upcoming Ion storm game, headed by Romero. daikatana will be a first person shooter with role playing elements added. scheduled for Christmas '97, daikatana was pushed forward toward sometime in 98. try Sandmoose's cabana for news. more daikatana info at the Guide...

dissolution of eternity::

PC: commercial (id approved) addon from rogue software. known as mission pack #2 and DOE. It offers 16 new levels, new weapons and monsters. try official DOE page at Activision.


doom was officially released December 10, 1993 by id software. it spawned many successors such as doom2, ultimate doom, final doom, heretic, hexen etc.

there are even doom TCs for quake. your path of destruction, a Doom TC has been released. doom spawned the multiplayer, 3d and addon revolutions. when doom was in its prime, players actually *called* each other by long distance to play 1 on 1. today, only a few years later, 32 player fragfests are all too common.

doom was perfectly balanced by weapons, imagine killing someone with one shot of a super (double) shotgun or tele-bfg fragging someone. interestingly, in a recent PC gamer mag, editors rated doom the 2nd best pc game of all time below tie fighter cd.

john carmack released the doom source code on dec 23, 1997. many people have already ported doom to other systems and have added new features. check out the incredible classic gaming doom page.


another one of ion storm's unreleased games, doppelganger will not use quake's technology.

duke nukem 3d::

Duke Nukem was released after doom but before quake. It used a 2.5d engine, and offered good interactivity. created by 3drealms. many of the levels were made by levelord

duke nukem forever::

The sequel to Duke3d is known as Duke Nukem Forever (dnf), and will use the Quake2 engine. Check out planetquake/dn4ever for Duke news. more dnf info at the Guide...


upcoming 3d game from one of the main programmers, Dave Taylor, worked on Doom and Quake. golgotha will be a 3d action/strategy tank game. it should be released late this year. check out Fragmaster's Golgotha page


One of the many upcoming games using the quake engine, Half-life is being created by Valve software, and will be published by Sierra. Half-life will sport an enhanced engine, better AI and puzzles. should be released 1st quarter 1998. check out jaspur's half-life page. more half-life info at the Guide...


game based on the doom engine, hexen offered three different classes and limited RPG elements. hexen2 will use the quake2 engine

hexen II::

released in september 97, Raven software's. hexen II uses the same basic game engine quake uses, but with many engine enhancements such as scaling brushes and breakable glass, as well as gameplay additions of character classes and an inventory. check out more hexen2 info at the Guide...

jedi knight::

star-wars-based 3d action game from lucas arts. check out pq/starwars/ for some info


juggernaut, released in jan 98, was the first commercial Quake II TC


prey is a not yet released 3d action game from 3drealms. prey may be released in 1998, and will offer a great graphics engine with shadows, colored/dynamic lights, and will include interactive game elements. prey unfortunately is win95 native, and will require a 3d card. for prey news try, run by Lithium (also runs sin site)


true 3d multiplayer gaming masterpiece by egos at id software. quake was hyper- hyped since 1994, (remember quaketalk? :), and some people were disappointed with the result. many expected quake to be a "graphical mud" with unparalleled expandability and depth. id decided to revert to their old bangbangbang method and scrapped ideas such as the hellgate cube and magic hammer.

quake was released as qtest, then later released as shareware during the summer of 1996. several gaming companies have opted to use the quake engine as the base of their own games. more info at the Guide...

quake II::

id software's "sequel" to quake, obviously called quake II

the first q2 demo/test was released on october 19. quake II was released december 9, 1997, exactly four years after the release of doom (taking into account leap years).

quake II essentially forgets the design horror of quake. no more mismash of metal and medieval, or anachronisms. all new levels and monsters contribute to an all new emphasis on single player.

zoid is working on CTF for quake II, which was not included in the first release. the sound track was be done by sonic mayhem. id now works on the first addon pack, and deathmatch-only levels.

more quake2 info at the Guide...

reckoning, the::

"The Reckoning", created by Xatrix Entertainment, will be the first official QII mission pack when released in March

scourge of armagon::

first official mission pack for quake. hipnotic's (now ritual entertainment) first release, SOA contains stunning levels, new weapons such as hammer, and two new monsters (gremlin, scorpion thing). see also DOE


first commercial quake I TC by Quantum Axcess. Shrak had completely new levels, textures, monsters and weapons


ritual (previously hipnotic) is working on a 3d shooter named SiN. SiN may be out in early 1998. check out more sin info at the Guide...


upcoming first-person game from dreamworks games, using the Jurrasic Park license. A single player game, trespasser will feature goodies such as an accurate physics model and nice graphics. check out keep out!: trespasser


upcoming next-generation id software game. don't expect it till 1998+. check out trinity: the site


oft-quoted as a "quake killer", unreal is currently vaporware (you can't get it). unreal is being developed by Epic megagames. may be released first half 1998. Unreal designers tout MMX goodies like colored lights, better flexibility, and voxel+polygon landscapes. try for news

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