Many software developers and prominent members of the Quake community make their ideas and goals known publicly by writing these into a file that becomes associated with their e-mail address on their home server. This file, known as a .plan file, can be accessed by the UNIX "finger" command. Many news sites have these commands within a hyperlink, allowing you to view a person's .plan with a single click. The news contained in such files is often just humor, but some, like John Carmack, use this as a primary way of dissemination information.


Quake Finger

Quake Finger is the definitive source of .plan file information. Dweomer has created a site that presents the myriad of daily .plan updates in an intelligent and orderly fashion. Presently, the site has the following features:

Below is a list of some of the many "fingers" available on the Quake Finger:

Id Software
John Carmack
American McGee
John Cash
Christian "Disruptor" Antkow
Barrett "Bear" Alexander
Tim Willits

Ion Storm
John Romero
Tom Hall
Kee Kimbrell
Brian Eiserloh
John "Dr Sleep" Anderson
Jonathan "Nelno" Wright
Noel "The Shadow" Stephens

Ritual Entertainment
Richard "Levelord" Grey
Tom "Paradox" Mustaine
Jim "Judas" Dosť
Mark "Nostradamus" Dochtermann
Mark "Giggler" Wardell
Michael Hadwin
sSteve "sCaryname" Gibson
Janitor Bob

Rogue Entertainment
Jim Molinets
Cameron Lamprecht
Rich Fleider
Steve Maines
Peter Mack
Steve Tietze

3D Realms/Apogee
George Broussard
Scott Miller

Quantum Axcess
Peter Manglaviti
Kevin Grimm
Craig Phillips

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