The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) format is ideal for responding to the concerns of new players. Quake FAQs are typically very organized and are great sources of information about a particular aspect of Quake. Many of the subsections of the Quake community, such as Quake C editing and level design, have their own FAQs. There are also some excellent FAQ available about the various versions of Quake, such as QuakeWorld and GL Quake. Keep in mind, however, that the larger and more comprehensive a FAQ is, the more likely it is out of date. Things move very quickly in the Quake community, and it is difficult for FAQ authors to keep up.



The Unofficial Quake FAQ (UQFAQ) is the ultimate Quake FAQ. The UQFAQ is the creation of Toby Goldstone, who is also the webmaster of Impulse 1. This FAQ provides a very detailed and coherent discussion of Quake up to version 1.06. This is by far the best source of information about the operation of this program. The only drawback of this FAQ is that it has become somewhat dated, with the last revision predating the releases of QuakeWorld and other programs. The UQFAQ can be viewed here, downloaded here, or obtained from Impulse 1.

Other FAQs

GL Quake FAQ - A great FAQ on GL Quake, maintained by 3Dfx Interactive.

GL Quake FAQ - An even better FAQ on GL Quake, maintained by the GL Quake Dojo.

QuakeBot FAQ - Maintained on the QuakeBot Page by James "Jim Bob" Rorie.

QuakeWorld FAQ - A detailed and helpful FAQ on QuakeWorld. This site is part of Frag.com, and was created by Chris "Mental4" Bailey.

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