It may seem strange to mention etiquette in a discussion of a game where a player's main goal is to kill everything. However, a code of conduct has developed among Quake players, and should be considered whenever you are logged into a server. This code is unwritten, but here are a few of the passages, provided for you so that you are not known as a bonehead. Keep in mind that it is possible for a server administrator to permanently BAN a player from the server.

  1. Know your server. When you log into a server, you should know what kind of server it is and what rules are being used. For example, if the server is a team server, you can not injure people who are wearing the same color pants as you. If you attempt to kill a team member, you will likely only aggravate others. Especially if you are both killed by another player during your misguided attack. Make sure you know what your colors are, if the server is a team server, and if the server is a Capture the Flag server.
  2. Misplaced arrogance. Don't abuse the taunt feature of the game. Only a very small percentage of Quake players are actually "leet", and the odds are that you are not one of the few. So, be careful about braging too much. You may be able to beat everyone on the server at the moment, but the tide can change quickly. Even if you think you know a level very well, the next player to connect may be the person that designed the level.
  3. Avoid exiting the level. In deathmatch. don't assume that everyone else has grown tired of a level just because you have. There is nothing worse than having a player on the server who immediately runs for the exit of every level. This is not the goal. Many servers now prevent any player from exiting until a pre-set circumstance has arisen (passage of time, for example), but the problem is still present. When in doubt, do not exit.
  4. Don't complain about lag. Connection speed is something that effects us all. If the connection is truly terrible, then find another server.
  5. Don't become a camper. A camper is a player that stands near a respawning area and attacks players as they are reincarnated. A sniper also stands still but does not "camp" near respawning areas. In Capture the Flag, there are only defenders...not campers. As a general rule, camping is strongly discouraged in deathmatch but defense is vitally important to CTF.
  6. Don't become a "crossdresser." Crossdressing is wearing the shirt of the other team during a team match. This is confusing to players on both teams and is considered bad form.
  7. Look before you ask. Research you questions before asking them on a Quake server or on IRC. The odds are good that the answer is out there.
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