The best way to modify an action game to your particular style of gameplay is by using a carefully created file that automatically installs options.   This file, commonly called either a "config" file, the Windows term, or an ".rc", the UNIX term.  An RC file can serve several functions.   First, the RC can contain the basic configuration for game.  This includes settings on player name, screen resolution, and mouse sensitivity.  Second, the RC allows a player to "bind" specific actions to a single key.  For example, a single line in an RC will enable a player to shout "Die, you lousy camper!" with a single key.  Third, complicated macros, called "aliases," can also be assigned to a key.  An alias is a macro, or "mini-program," that instructs the game to perform multiple tasks.  An example of this would be a "rocket jump" alias.  This alias would instruct your character to look straight down, switch to the rocket launcher, fire the RL and jump simultaneously, and then return the character's view to the center.  All of these commands would be bound to a single key.  Several example config files were included in the .pak file for Quake 2, and Fahrenheit 176 has the tools needed to create configs for both Quake 2 and Hexen 2.


GameLaunch 3D

The huge number of commands that can be entered into a config file can be very overwhelming for a new player.  Fortunately, the good folks at GameLaunch 3D have made life easier for us all.  This amazing program allows you to customize every aspect of Quake, Quake 2, and Hexen 2.  More importantly, the program has a smooth, intuitive interface that makes tweaking Quake a breeze.  And, the amazing program ScriptMaster, included with GameLaunch 3D, allows you to create a complex and powerful config file in a few minutes.  This is something that everyone should try, even veterans who already have a deep understanding of this topic.

The Quake RC Archive

The Quake RC Archive houses the largest collection of Quake RC files on the internet. The was originally created by Zach "Xach" Beane, but is now under the care of JackFrost. The strength of the RC Archive is its two main sections: "Killer Aliases" and "The Raw RCs". Killer Aliases contains a large collection of specialty aliases, like "rocket jumping" and "quick-switch" weapons. The Raw RCs is a collection of RC files written by some outstanding players. Most of these RCs contain extensive documentation explaining all of the features of the RC. I would recommend that new players find an RC that is set up for a similar system (number of buttons on mouse, use of special "impulses", ect.) and use this first. More experienced players can then modify existing RCs or create their own from the collection of aliases.

QFig Logo

QFig is aptly described as "The Ultimate Quake Configuration Editor." Using a simple and easy to follow Windows interface, QFig allows a user to create a fantastic configuration file without knowing a single alias or binding command. This shareware program by Trey Ratcliff has everything going for it and can be downloaded here.

Tony's Quake Config File Tips

Tony Fabris compiled an extensive Config FAQ in his Tony's Quake Config File Tips. This page covers the basics and then provides countless tips and tricks. I would strongly recommend that any player who wishes to understand config files go to this page and print it for further reference.

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