apogee:: employees

invented the concept of shareware: giving out partial copies of games in order to entice people into buying the full version. apogee released games such as Shadow Warrior

crack dot com:: employees

new gaming company formed by Dave Taylor, former id employee. crack dot com released abuse, a 2d action scroller, and is now working on golgotha

epic megagames:: employees

epic is currently working on the upcoming unreal. past epic games include: fire fight, jazz jackrabbit, pinball, and one must fall.

evolve, team:: employees

some members of team evolve worked on the popular painkeep PC

g.o.d.:: employees

distributor founded by mike wilson in dec 97. reportedly, g.o.d. will distribute games for terminal reality, epic megagames, ritual entertainment, 3d realms, and poptop software


company that is now named ritual entertainment

id software:: employees

gaming giant that created quakeshaking games such as commander keen, wolfenstein 3d, doom, and of course quake. id software was founded by: Adrian Carmack, John Carmack, Tom Hall, and John Romero. some important people have left id (sorta) recently: Dave Taylor, John Romero, Michael Abrash, and Sandy Petersen. id is now working on quake2, and the next-generation 3d engine currently codenamed trinity. more id info at QNG...

ion storm:: employees

newly founded game company based in texas. the founders include John Romero and Tom Hall. Ion storm is now working on games based on the quake engine such as daikatana and anachronox. Ion storm is also working on Doppelganger, which will not use the quake engine

quantum axcess:: employees

company best known for creating the first commercial TC Shrak. currently working on Malice, another commercial TC

raven:: employees

creators of Shadowcaster, CyClones, Heretic, Hexen, Necrodome, and hexen2

rebel boat rocker:: employees

new startup game company featuring talents such as 3d programmer Billy Zelsnack. currently working on a 3d racer called inertia featuring realistic physics and lighting

ritual:: employees

(b8/12/96) formerly known as hipnotic entertainment, ritual is a new gaming company formed by some members of 3drealms. ritual is currently working on a 3d shooter named SiN

rogue:: employees

Rogue entertainment created DOE, and Strife (based on the doom engine)

valve:: employees

Valve software is a new 3d gaming company that is licensing the quake engine for its new game: half-life. Valve will get the benefit of quake's multiplayer and graphics technology while adding on some enhancements and a total change in levels, monsters, weapons, and gameplay. On 5/27/97, Valve announced half-life to the internet

xatrix entertainment::

xatrix is working on the first official Quake II mission pack: "The Reckoning"

3d realms:: employees

gaming company that created duke nukem 3d, and is currently working on prey. curiously, for the upcoming duke nukem forever game, 3d realms will be using the quake engine. several members of 3d realms left to join hipnotic interactive: levelord, Mark Dochtermann etc.

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