The development of the Quake clan is one of the most interesting aspects of the Quake community. Members of id Software had discussed the idea of players forming permanent groups, and had even used the term "clan" to describe these groups. Amazingly, Quake clans sprung forth independently of id during the early stages of Quake testing. The concept quickly became widespread, and there are now thousands of Quake clans in existence.

Quake clans differ greatly in size, structure, and purpose. There are many clans that have only five members, a rudimentary homepage, and rarely, if ever, play together on the same server. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also clans that have dozens of members, practice team strategy on a weekly basis, and have complex sets of rules and codes for their members.

The Quake clan is an interesting sociological experiment. The clan usually begins with five single, nomadic players joining forces. At this stage, there usually isn't any set policies and only a rudimentary administrative structure. As the clan grows, stratification among the membership also grows and policies increase in size and complexity. Typically, the "government" of the clan evolves from either a despotism or a pure democracy into either a representative form of government or a plutocracy. It is rare for a large clan to have not redefined its governmental structure at least once, and most have revised the government several times.

A superb history of the development of the Quake clan, focusing on the ClanRing, has been recently posted by Jeremy "Lindril" Degroat. The article, Twenty Minutes Later: The History of ClanRing, is well worth the visit.

How to form a clan: Creating a clan is a relatively simple matter. The official clan list was originally kept by id Software, but it has since been transferred to the ClanRing. To become a member of the ClanRing, and thus an official clan, you will need the following:

  1. Five members.
  2. A Clan name not presently being used by another clan.
  3. A clan homepage, which must deal only with Quake and clan related topics.

To become an official clan, fill out the form for new membership in the MPOG. Your clan will become an official clan once it has been added to the ClanRing.

If you do not want to start your own clan, there are several things you can do to become a member of an existing clan. First, take a look at Clan Connection, a Quake sites that specializes in getting players and clans together.Another option is to spend time on IRC and ask if any clan is accepting applicants, or spend time on a particular clan's server.

It may be much more difficult to become a member of a well-known clan. The larger, well-established clans typically aren't looking for new members. If they are looking for members, there is usually a long and complicated application process, and few of the applicants actually become members. If there is a specific clan that you wish to become a member of, visit their homepage and get to know the clan. Then try spending time on the same server with clan members. After you have proven yourself to them, then try to breach the subject of membership. However, if it is a high-profile clan, expect to be rejected unless you have a very fast internet connection, a lot of talent, and other qualities that the clan can use.


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