Quake I Mods/TCs

alien quake::

TC based on the aliens movie trilogy. it was released, but later discontinued when 20th Century Fox (who owns the aliens property) emailed the creators of the addon. it may be released later when legal problems are solved. try Alien Quake homepage or the 'other' AliensTC project. see also foxed

air quake::

designed by iikka keränen, airquake gives players the pilot a plane, tank or mobile SAM against each other or computer drones


capture the flag is perhaps the most popular quake addon. players are divided into the red team and the blue team, placed on opposing sides of a modified level. players try to infiltrate the other team's base, steal the flag, frag, and return back to base to score.

ctf was written by Zoid. version 4.2 is available on threewave. zoid signed a contract with id to do ctf for quake2, and soon after handed over maintenance of threewave CTF to the xenocide flag academy, particularly to Dakota.

threewave ctf has spawned many modified versions such as thunderwalker, which have in turn spawned their own mods of mods. all-star ctf, featuring all addons combined and sublimed, is available. try captured.com, which features Dakota's frontline CTF news and a ton of CTF content and sites. more CTF info at the Guide...

future vs fantasy::

aka FVF, a popular addon now in shareware is available at fvf.warzone.com. it offers multiple classes (player types), weapons, skins and models.

grappling hook::

one of the oldest and best quake addons that allows players to fire a grappling hook and pull themselves up. created by Anzulovic, the grappling hook is included in ctf and many other addons


PC: players frag other players, pick up their head(s) and return it to an altar for points. homepage: planetquake/headhunters


sporty TC by Tony Fabris and Tod Bouris. lavaball will be a game where players try to scoop a metal ball and place it in a certain goal to score. Lavaball home page


commercial TC from quantum axcess, released nov97. features balanced weapons, addons, and new maps, monsters etc


by quake innovations, this mod offers realistic paintball action with various modes of CTF and arena-style maps


a popular deathmatch-only PC, painkeep features new weapons, maps and powerups

quake rally::

an addon from the impact development team. players drive race cars in pure racing or mixed deathmatch. homepage at impact.frag.com/rally. see also quess


PC from impact team. chess+quake=quess. players move (monster) pieces according to standard chess rules. available at impact.frag.com/quess


bot by Steven Polge available at "ftp.cdrom.com" the author was hired by epic and now works as an Artificial Intelligence coder on unreal.

recently, people have decompiled the reaper progs.dat, resulting in modifiable source code. some have taken it upon themselves to "improve" the reaper, against polge's explicit terms in the reaperbot readme text. when blue emailed polge about the issue (sep97), polge replied, showing his discontent with the reaper hacks. although progs.dat (quake c) scramblers currently exist to foil de-compilation, no scramblers existed when the latest version of the reaper was released

rocket arena::

starting as a simple concept and a map, planeteers took over and brought rocket arena to where it is today. in an arena, two fully equipped players duke it out under the crowd's eye. winner stays. pq/servers/arena

Team Fortress::

Team Fortress (TF) splits players into two teams and allows players to choose a character class. depending on the map and class, players try to achieve certain objectives. the TF page is at: pq/teamfortess/. more TF info at the Guide...

the demon king::

PC featuring non-linear levels and puzzles. @ planetquake/tdk

thunderwalker ctf::

TCTF is a modified version of CTF available at planetquake.com/thunderwalker


quake mod by Avatar. players on two opposing teams try to destroy targets in their opponent's base. ultraquake homepage

x-men quake::

released commercial TC that adds x-men monsters and special deathmatch modes. homepage@ planetquake.com/x-men. brought to you by zero gravity entertainment and marvel comics


PC featuring well-designed levels, weapons, and cut scenes. (released sep27) zerstorer page

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