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Date: March 27, 2000
Name: Unreal Tournament 413 Win32 Patch
Size: 5.6 MB (5,828,096 bytes)
Source: Epic Games
ftp.bluesnews.com UTPatch413.exe
3D Action Gamers UTPatch413.exe
PlanetUnreal UTPatch413.exe
Stomped UTPatch413.exe
The Oxygen Tank UTPatch413.exe
NetGamers Italia UTPatch413.exe
Version 413 is completely network compatible with all previous public releases of UT (versions 400, 402, and 405b).

Known Issues
  • If you are using D3D and Unreal Tournament did not automatically detect D3D when you first installed (so you had to manually select it), you should change your video driver to D3D again after installing this patch. This will allow Unreal Tournament to optimize its settings for your video card. To reset your D3D driver, go to the Options->Preferences menu and select the Video tab. Then click on the change driver button to re-select D3D.
  • We have seen an instance of a GeForce 256 displaying many world polygons flashing and flickering. If this happens for you, press TAB type "preferences" to bring up the advanced options menu. Then set UseVideoMemoryVB to True in the Direct3D Render Device options.
Fixes and Improvements

Bug fixes:
- Fixed occasional green skins on players.
- Eliminated most common cause of crashing on startup for GeForces in D3D mode.
- fixed slow client occasional assertion in UnChan.cpp (last part of the problem that first showed up in 402)
- fixed clients continuing to get data from servers after disconnecting
- fixed problem causing !Bunch->IsError() assertion which was causing some server crashes
- fixed last man standing late entry cheat
- fixed head gib not replicated on headshot in network play
- fixed die at start of feign death and can't respawn in network game
- The detail textures now work correctly in D3D and are reasonably fast (still disabled by default)
- Eliminated squares showing around decals and other modulated textures in 16-bit mode D3D.
- fixed death message when killed in pressure chamber
- fixed keyboard key sticking problem (thanks Chris Norden from Ion Storm/Deus Ex)
- fixed actors getting beginplay events twice if spawned while level is being brought up
- Custom crosshairs > 9 now show up.
- Fixed speech menu bug with mouse staying active.
- Fixed speech menu text positions.
- Fixed bug in bot Assault AI for dealing with team cannons

New features (Gameplay):

- D3D uses vertex buffers for all drawing operations - gives overall performance boost.
- Can now use number and arrow keys to navigate voice menu
- Random bots picks from all 32 (not first 16) - including the specially configured ones
- Can summon specific bots: 'AddBotNamed Alarik' adds the bot with the name Alarik (if he's in the list of configured bots)
- Now shows waiting players on team scoreboards before start of game (players who aren't ready are greyed out)
- Improved bot AI about triggering pressure zone when player is in it
- Changed xDSL and cable modem clientspeed to 10000 (and added separate category in netspeed selection)
- No longer need to type 'iamtheone' for cheats in single player
- Demos can now play looping - demoplay demofile?loop
- Turbo/hardcore mode is now shown in UBrowser for team games

New features (for Mod Authors):

- Unreal monsters will now fight UT bots
- Fixed Mutator RegisterHUDMutator() - only sets bHUDMutator if successful registration
- Added a call in DeathMatchPlus.RestartGame() to allow mutators to modify the map progression (or change what mutators, etc. are loaded for each map)
- Added a call in Pawn.Died() to allow mutators to prevent deaths
- Added a call in GameInfo.EndGame() to allow mutators to modify the game ending conditions
- Added a call in GameInfo.Login() to allow mutators to modify the spawnclass, and login options
- Added a call in GameInfo.PickupQuery() to allow mutators to modify whether inventory items get picked up
- F3 brings up objectives menu for subclasses of Assault.
- Call voicepack in player setup menu rather than just playing voice to allow effects to be heard in setup menu.
- AttachDecal() now returns the texture the decal was attached to
- UTExtraKeyBindings class to allow modmakers to add to Customize Controls menu
- Mod menu organization - mod menu class is adjustable with [UMenu.UMenuMenuBar] ModMenuClass
- manifest.ini correctly reports version number so mods can require UT version beyond 400 for installation
- Mod authors can add UBrowser tabs, see http://unreal.epicgames.com/files/SampleUBrowserPage.zip for an example of how to set this up
- "stat anim" command displays a list of all visible animating actors with the names of their animations and current frame positions, shows the animation modes - lerping, static, looping back, tweening, and gives individual cpu time and poly count stats. This should be really useful for debugging and tweaking complex model animation repertoires.

New features (for Servers):

- Support for server only download version
- Servers can adjust the minimum compatible version number reported to clients using: [IpDrv.UdpServerQuery] MinNetVer=405. This can be used to prevent older clients from seeing your server if you are running a mod which requires a UT version newer than 400.
- ngWorldStats version 1.5.5 is included in the patch.
- The UT server now queries ngWorldStats log batcher to determine if it is correctly processing stats logs. 413 servers report this information to UBrowser, and shows both whether ngWorldStats is enabled on the server, and whether it is actually working correctly.
- Server admins can now redirect auto-downloads to a remote HTTP (WWW) server. Custom content such as maps, skins and texture packages can be stored on the remote website either uncompressed or in a compressed file format (.uz) for faster downloads.

Unreal Tournament (retail Win32).

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