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Date: January 11, 2000
Name: Unreal Tournament 405B Win32 Patch
Size: 4.5 MB (4,657,664 bytes)
Source: Epic Games
ftp.bluesnews.com UTPatch405B.exe
3D Action Gamers UTPatch405B.exe
Bug fixes:
- destroy the "winch", not the "wench" in AS-rook description :)
- fixed problem with landing bob damping on slow systems with high time dilations
- fixed problem where client health gets set to zero (health was still correct on the server)
- fixed spectators drowning in water outside of galleon
- fixed problem with one of the 402 server optimizations causing pickups to be shown when they should be hidden if high packet loss
- fixed fog rendering in software
- fixed assertion line 714 network crash on slow connections
- fixed PlayerReplicationInfos losing owner on client - symptom was teammate health not correctly shown on team huds
- fixed bad poly on Ripper weapon model
- fixed flag not dropped if killed by team cannon in CTF games
- fixed server browser changing highlighted server bug
- fixed gold players showing up in CTF
- added BossSkins.int
- fixed clients hearing ambient sound on dropped weapons in some cases
- fixed picking up additional shieldbelt screwed up armor total if also had other armor types
- fixed teamtriggers
- fixed deathsounds and hit sounds from other players not being heard in net games
- fixed demo playback crash

New features:
- much louder warhead explosion
- don't allow Turbo mode with assault
- bigger blood cloud when gibbed
- Menu and text formatting changes to support Japanese text
- Added "AddIni" command for umods to add lines to ini files
- Changed occurances of class'DeathMatchMessage' to DMMessageClass.
Allows mod authors to use their own DMMessageClass in all situations.
- Made ngWorldSecret a private variable.
So you can't read it from GetPropertyText anymore.
- Added CRT's query packet send improvements.
Should improve grabbing server lists from master server.
- Added ProcessKeyEvent to HUD.
Allows mod authors to work with key input directly.
- Moved hardcoded SPRITE_PROJECTION_FORWARD from UnSprite.cpp to Actor property SpriteProjForward.
- Set Actor's default SpriteProjForward to 32.0
- Checked in RegisterHUDMutator functions in Mutator.
Allows mod authors to make mutators that self register as HUD mutators.
- Integrated Enhanced Actor Rendering Interface.
Allows programmers to render actors in just about any way they can think of.
- Enabled RCI. (Except ClearScreen and RecomputeLighting)
Allows programmers more control over what's rendered from a player's point of view. Search for Render Control Interface in headers for information.
- F4 brings the server browser up.

Performance improvements:
- downloads from server are now rate controlled
- reduced how long carcasses hang around on servers
- Improved bit packing for network packets (server performance improvement)
- Ability to turn fractal texture animation off:
Added the NoFractalAnim switch. When true, fractal textures are never updated and the texture's bRealTime is set to false. This takes effect at a package's loading/init time, so you'll have to restart a level to see it take effect.
- Admins can control downloading of packages from their server by editing the [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section of unrealtournament.ini:


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