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Date: December 9, 1999
Name: Unreal Tournament 402 Linux Patch
Size: 2.1 MB (2,223,299 bytes)
Source: Epic Games
ftp.bluesnews.com UT-Patch402A-Linux.tar.gz
3D Action Gamers UT-Patch402A-Linux.tar.gz
Bug fixes:
- D3D detection works properly
- Fixed NT crash on exit
- removed log warnings for players ghosting out of the level
- fixed saving last start spot for players
- timemessage sounds play correctly if viewing another player
- don't allow spaces in names when using console name or setname commands
- suicide can now end overtime of tied game
- fixed stuck animation if killed while coming out of feign death
- no connect time on team scoreboards in single player
- attach decals in post begin play when zone is properly set
- fixed player sounds appearing to change location when using 3d sound
- turn fog off by default for D3D - was causing texture thrashing w/ D3D drivers
- fixed CTF-coret alternate path problems
- fixed guided warhead blowing up if no client response with 300 msec after spawning
- players can no longer switch to illegal team if server is full and force team balance set
- fixed bots not always playing take hit sounds
- don't kill spectators in the pressure chamber!!!

Server performance improvements:
- Don't replicate actor properties of GameReplicationInfo
- Don't replicate actor properties of ZoneInfo
- Less frequent visibility checks for currently relevant actors
- don't keep checking visibility of optional effects
- less frequent checks for temporary actors after 0.2 seconds
- reduced playerreplicationinfo update frequency from 5/sec to 4/sec
- inventory class-specific scripted replication only done if bNetOwner
- native replication for weapon, pickup, levelinfo, and ammo classes
- don't spawn decals on dedicated server
- don't spawn non-replicated effects actors on dedicated server
- sort static actors so can ignore non-replicated static actors when testing for replication

New features:
- Cache.ini file records all packages in your cache (whatever packages are auto-downloaded from servers)
- added flesh hit sound to bullets
- automatic path builder (documented in updated UT_AI.htm)
- postnetbeginplay() called for actors spawned on network clients
- Pawns use PostNetBeginPlay() to make sure they have a valid skin and mesh
- improved D3D texture pool allocation when world and actor texture detail is medium
- Pawns add momentum to velocity after effects of damage mutator
- Optional package downloading implemented.

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