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Date: March 3, 1999
Name: InsomniaX Mod 0.6b
ftp.bluesnews.com: insomniax.zip

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Walnut Creek CDROM: insomniax.zip
Size: 225 KB
Source: Insomniax.net
InsomniaX Tribes Mod v0.6b is out! - Here is the Latest update (Version 0.6b Beta) In Addition to what was in the previous Versions, 0.6b adds a new backpack, weapon, and Vehicle. The backpack is called a "Heat Sink" which removes the heat signature from your Jet Pack. No more Rockets up the kiester! The computer cannot track you by heat signature when wearing this pack. If a turret is manually fired it WILL hit you. This just stops the computer from finding you without help. The Weapon is the IX-2000 Sniper Rifle. This rifle kills lights in one head shot. It does much less damage to a body shot. The projectile is silent and truly is an out of nowhere killing machine. You are restricted to 5 rounds without the aid of an ammo pack. The new Vehicle is the long awaited Firestorm Bomber. This is a modified scout chassis with A Multiple warhead bomb launcher. After the warhead is fired it deploys many smaller bomblets which pulverize the target. You will soon see why it is called Firestorm. There is also a new map included with this release called IX_Frostbite. This is a large CTF Map that requires a lot of teamwork to defend successfully. Enjoy! Here's the Readme.txt for some specifics. The updated Mod can be Downloaded here (192k). As always please post all feedback and Mod suggestions at the Insomniax Tribes Mod Message board. This is still a work in progress and much more is planned and in the works. Maps, Skins, and all. -Savage1 (3-3-99)

InsomniaX Admin Enhancements v0.6b Released! - After many requests from various server admins I have created this additional Mod for running a Unmodified Tribes server with the Insomniax Admin Options added. This adds things such as Anti-TK, Out of Bounds Kill, and Public Admin Controls. This has all the options of the Insomniax TRIBES Mod with none of the Items or game play Changes. Enjoy! Here's the Readme.txt for some specifics. The Admin Mod can be Downloaded here (34k). As always please post all feedback and Mod suggestions at the Insomniax Tribes Mod Message board. This Mod will be updated as new options are added to the Insomniax TRIBES od. -Savage1(3-3-99)

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