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Date: March 27, 2002
Name: Return to Castle Wolfenstein retail v1.31 full patch
Size: 8.4 MB (8,769,273 bytes)
Source: Activision Wolf_Update_131_full.exe
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein
1.31 Full Update - README

This will update players who have any prior version of RtCW. This version contains the optional Punkbuster install.

This update for Return to Castle Wolfenstein addresses issues found in multiplayer and single player since release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In addition, we've added new features that will enhance your gameplay experience. For a complete list of what we fixed and added - look here. For future releases and more information about the game, please visit our web site:

For additional technical help with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, please see the Help system that came with the game, or visit our web site:


1. The update won't install:
You must have a full retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein installed properly on your system before you will be able to install the update.

2. Issues with uninstalling then reinstalling RtCW:
After applying the 1.31 patch you will not be able to use the automatic uninstaller to completely remove the game from your system. In order to successfully remove the game you will need to run the included uninstaller and manually delete the game folder from your hard drive.

After youve run the uninstaller located in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein group on your Start Menu, follow these steps to delete the folder. These instructions assume the game is installed in the default directory.

1) Open My Computer.
2) Go to the C: Files folder on your hard drive.
3) Locate the Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.
4) Highlight it and click File, then Delete.

3. Issues with installing the patch to the wrong folder:
When installing the 1.31 update, it is possible for you to browse and install to an incorrect folder. It is important that you only install the patch to where you have previously installed Return to Castle Wolfenstein. If this is not done, you will need to uninstall Return to Castle Wolfenstein before you will be able to install the patch again.


1. Fixes added in 1.31

Teleportation and Reviving Players Bugs Fixed

Bugs introduced in 1.30 related to reviving players and teleportation, or warping, on certain maps have been fixed. These issues were a byproduct of a fix for reviving players on and around script movers (the giant doors in mp_assault for example).
Return to Castle Wolfenstein retail

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