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File Download

Note: Webmasters, please link to this page, rather than our ftp server and PlanetMirror server directly. Thanks.

Date: March 15, 2002
Name: Return to Castle Wolfenstein retail v1.3 patch
Size: 8.0 MB (8,372,531 bytes)
Source: Activision Wolf_Update_1_3.exe
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein
1.3 Update - README

This update for Return to Castle Wolfenstein addresses issues found in multiplayer and single player since release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In addition, we've added new features that will enhance your gameplay experience. For a complete list of what we fixed and added - look here. For future releases and more information about the game, please visit our web site:

For additional technical help with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, please see the Help system that came with the game, or visit our web site:


1. The update won't install:
You must have a full retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein installed properly on your system before you will be able to install the update. If for some reason the installer is not able to find your install directory, please see the section below on "Extracting the necessary files without installing."

2. Extracting the necessary files without installing:
Recommended only for System Administrators and advanced users. It is possible to extract the necessary files without running the installer. To do so, simply open the update using any unzip program. Once you have it open, you'll want to replace these original files with the new versions located in the update.

3. Issues with uninstalling then reinstalling RtCW:
After applying the 1.3 patch you will not be able to use the automatic uninstaller to completely remove the game from your system. In order to successfully remove the game you will need to run the included uninstaller and manually delete the game folder from your hard drive.

After youve run the uninstaller located in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein group on your Start Menu, follow these steps to delete the folder. These instructions assume the game is installed in the default directory.

1) Open My Computer.
2) Go to the C: Files folder on your hard drive.
3) Locate the Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.
4) Highlight it and click File, then Delete.

4. Issues with installing the patch to the wrong folder:
When installing the 1.3 update, it is possible for you to browse and install to an incorrect folder. It is important that you only install the patch to where you have previously installed Return to Castle Wolfenstein. If this is not done, you will need to uninstall Return to Castle Wolfenstein before you will be able to install the patch again.


1. New features added in 1.3

With the 1.3 patch, we now have an "Auto-Updater." What this means is that any time there are future updates to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, you will be able to automatically download them from within the game. The updater only works from the multiplayer mode of Wolfenstein - not single player.

If there is an update available, you will see an additional button added to the multiplayer main menu. Clicking on the button will allow you to download and install updates. Your Wolfenstein game will be restarted. The Auto-Updater will only be used to fix bugs and problems found after release. To look for new maps, tools, and other Wolfenstein downloads, please go to .

We're proud to be adding in the option of PunkBuster support into Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

PunkBuster is an automatically self-updating Anti-Cheat software system. The PunkBuster system is designed to hold all participants accountable by scanning the game computers looking for known cheats, game hacks, and exploits similar to the way Anti-Virus software would scan a computer looking for a virus. PunkBuster is optional, however, without it you will not be able to play multiplayer on PunkBuster enabled servers.

For more information about PunkBuster, please review:
PunkBuster manual for Players
PunkBuster manual for Admins

"Ice" multiplayer map:
Included with the patch is a new multiplayer map called "Ice." It allows for both objective play as well as a checkpoint mode. We've been having a lot of fun with this map - and we think you will too.

MOD button:
We've added additional support for "MODs." A MOD is a community created free modification of the game. Sometimes these add new story elements, new game types in multiplayer, or a wholly new game built on top of RtCW. The MOD button allows you to easily switch between different installed MODs. You'll find this new button under Options in both Single and Multiplayer.

Check in with to find links to new MODs as they become available.

2. Multiplayer issues addressed in 1.3

Miscellaneous exploit fixes and optimizations:
We've cleaned up many minor issues that have been uncovered since release of the 1.1 patch. Below is a list of some of the more significant issues squashed.

Allow Download for multiplayer assets:
It is now possible for you to turn on "Allow Downloads" from the MULTIPLAYER SETUP menu. This will allow you to download new maps, sound files, and PAK files directly from game servers. In other words, you no longer need to search the web for cool user-created Wolf maps. We strongly recommend that you restart your game after downloading new content to insure that it is used properly. We are not able to test or verify user content. Download at your own risk.

We have no control over how big the downloads are. It is possible that the private server from which you are downloading the files from could shut down or change maps before the download is complete. If this happens, you will likely see a "GL_GetServer Command" error. This means your download has been interrupted and you were unable to get all the new assets. You should disconnect from that server, restart Wolf, and try again.

Flamethrower bugs:
A couple bugs with the flamethrower have been found and fixed. It is no longer possible to get the flame to travel through geometry, nor is it possible to multiply damage by bouncing the flame off multiple surfaces, nor will it be possible to prolong flame by chatting.

Documents lost in doorways:
We've fixed the bug that caused closing doors to remove objectives (documents) from the world.

Picking up weapon is no longer a quick reload:
Some people discovered that dropping and picking up a weapon was faster than reloading it. We've adjusted the functionality so this won't happen.

Dying to recharge Power Bar exploit:
When you die and are revived on the battlefield, the amount of charge in your Power Bar is retained from before you died.

No longer kicked when out of lives due to "inactivity timer"
It was discovered that people in a "Max Lives" game could use up all their lives, and then be kicked by the server due to inactivity. This has been fixed.

Public messages getting echoed:
A bug introduced in our 1.1 patch caused public messages to echo. This has been fixed.

Fix for reviving players on moving objects:
There was a visual bug caused when a medic revived players on or near large moving objects. This has been fixed.

Localization fixes:
We tweaked some translations and fixed some problems with the menus.

Additional Nvidia GeForce support:
Nvida GeForce owners can now switch the fog type under the OPTIONS / GAME OPTIONS from the main menu, or in-game using the OPTIONS menu.

GL Extensions for Matrox users:
Owners of Matrox G400 & G500 families can now enable GL Extensions in the Options menu. It is highly recommended that you download the latest Matrox drivers from

3. Single player issues addressed in 1.3

Graphic corruption from flamethower or tesla gun:
We fixed the corruption caused by leaving the guns idle on some cards.

Problem loading games:
It was discovered that hitting the "default" button in the Options menu made it impossible to load old saves. This has been fixed.

Enhanced support for ATI Truform:
Users of ATI Truform will find more options and the potential for more visible improvement. Once you've turned on ATI Truform, you can select different degrees from the Options menu. The game's performance will vary depending on hardware and the setting. Verify that your ATI card supports Truform, and make sure you have the latest drivers from ATI if you experience any problems.

Localization fixes:
We tweaked some translations and fixed some problems with the menus.

Miscellaneous optimizations and fixes:
We've cleaned up many minor issues that have been uncovered since release of the game.

GL Extensions for Matrox users:
Owners of Matrox G400 & G500 families can now enable GL Extensions in the Options menu. It is highly recommended that you download the latest Matrox drivers from
Return to Castle Wolfenstein retail

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