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Note: Webmasters, please link to this page, rather than our ftp server and PlanetMirror server directly. Thanks.

Date: May 23, 2002
Name: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Linux Binaries v1.32 Full Update
Size: 22.2 MB (23,332,784 bytes)
Source: id Software
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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

2002-5-22 Timothee Besset (
version 1.32:

- net protocol bump
- new map mp_tram
- general game code fixes
- updated rotate.cfg to set correct gametype and rotate on the new maps (trenchtoast, ice and tram)
- some fixes to sv_pure server kicking clients when it should not


This setup will install the linux binaries for Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer and Single Player) in /usr/local/games/wolfenstein (or any other location you request). It WON'T INSTALL ALL THE FILES REQUIRED TO RUN RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN. You will need to manually copy a number of files to the /usr/local/games/wolfenstein/main directory.

From a retail win32 Wolfenstein installation, copy the following files to your /usr/local/games/wolfenstein/main directory:

63211149 Nov 13 22:14 mp_pak0.pk3
4449596 Nov 13 13:45 mp_pak1.pk3
1118 Nov 13 16:59 mp_pak2.pk3
315823656 Nov 13 12:50 pak0.pk3
293887431 Nov 12 17:20 sp_pak1.pk3
11026123 Nov 12 17:27 sp_pak2.pk3

If you don't have a windows installation to perform the extraction of the files, you can run the win32 setup from linux using WINE ( Yes, we know it's a clumsy solution either way and we don't have an alternative to provide yet.

NOTE: The maps pack 1 (mp_pakmaps0.pk3) IS included in the setup. You won't need to download it.


The first time you run the multiplayer game, you will need to go to 'Options', and click on 'Enter CD Key' button. Enter the CD key (it's on your CD Jewel case).
NOTE: you don't need to give a CD key if you are installing a dedicated server.


The binaries for the single player part of the game are included. Saved games from the windows version can be loaded, but the linux version saves with a new format that fixes a save game bug. Be warned that some < 1.1 windows saved games might cause a crash during play.


- see CHANGES for a summary of wolfenstein linux changes
- see QUICKSTART for quick instructions to configure your dedicated server
- see Docs/Dedicated Server Notes.html for more dedicated server information


- A FAQ with known issues and information about the linux
binaries of Return To Caslte Wolfenstein is maintained
at the following address:

- If your problem is not described in the FAQ, look for help on
the linux forum on Quake3World: forum=*nix+Discussion&number=15&DaysPrune=10&LastLogin=

- As a last resort, email me to report your problem:

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