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Date: June 12, 2002
Name: Return to Castle Wolfenstein GotY Map Pack
Size: 49.0 MB (51,412,751 bytes)
Source: Activision GOTY_MapPack.exe
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Game of the Year Map Pack - README

This Map Pack is a collection of the official maps we've released for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, as well as some new maps that were created especially for the "Game of the Year" edition. You MUST have your version of Wolfenstein updated to v1.33 or higher for these maps to work properly!

If you're using a "Game of the Year" edition of Wolfenstein, you do not need this pack - you've already got all these maps.

See below for a complete list of the maps included. For future releases and more information about the game, please visit our web site:

For additional technical help with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, please see the Help system that came with the game, or visit our web site:

1. I'm unable to install the Map Pack

The Map Pack is compatible with any unzipping utility. Simply unzip the files to your machine, and move any *.pk3 folders into the /main folder, located within your Wolfenstein directory. You should see several other *.pk3 files there as well.

2. Which maps are included in this Map Pack?

We've included 7 maps:

Trenchtoast (mp_trenchtoast)

Nerve Software created this is checkpoint map that was originally released in Map Pack 1.

Icelab (mp_ice)

This Nerve Software map was originally released with the 1.3 Update and features both checkpoint and objective games.

Chateau (mp_chateau)

This map, also created by Nerve Software, is new for the Game of the Year edition has only the objective mode

Keep (mp_keep)

This map, also created by Nerve Software, is new for the Game of the Year edition has only the objective mode

Tram Siege (mp_tram)

Splash Damage created this map, originally released with the 1.32 Update and only has an objective mode.

The Damned (mp_dam)

Another Splash Damage map, this one is new for the Game of the Year edition, and features both objective and checkpoint modes

Rocket (mp_rocket)

This Splash Damage map, new for the Game of the Year edition, also features just an objective mode.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein retail

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