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Note: Other websites, please link to this page, rather than the files directly. Thanks.

Date: September 15, 2001
Name: Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multi-Player Test
Size: 63.5 MB (66,548,011 bytes)
Source: Activision WolfMPTEST0915.exe
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FilePlanet* Page (registration required)
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HomeLan Fed Page
Gamehelper Page
Fileaholic * Page
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GamePen Page (Belgium) Page, File
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  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.

You are about to download a product that is rated "M" for mature audiences. This product contains blood and gore and/or violence.

Industry regulations prohibit you from downloading this material if you are under the age of 17.

By clicking on the download link above you certify that you are at least 17 years of age, and that you consent to viewing "M" rated material.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer TEST

Brief list of what the TEST does and does not contain:

--Contains one multiplayer teamplay map
--Does not contain single player or bots (you will need a connection to the Internet to play)
--Please check the readme.html file that is included with the game for a description of how to play, what is included, known issues, and other important information.
--Does not contain cheats (e.g. noclip, modified fov, giveall, etc.)
--Mods, game modifications, hacks, alterations, etc. are expressly prohibited with this TEST (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details)
--Redistribution of this Multiplayer TEST is not permitted by any means other than electronically via the Internet. Redistribution via any physical medium is expressly prohibited (please see the EULA.doc file included in the download for complete details).
--This is a TEST. You may experience compatibility or performance issues. Please send all feedback and bugs to

Minimum System Requirements for RtCW Map Test (these will NOT be the final minimum system requirements for RTCW)

* Windows® 98/ME/2000/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3) OS
* 100% Windows 98/ME/2000/NT 4.0 compatible system (including all 32bit drivers)
* Intel Pentium® II 500Mhz processor or better
* 128 MB RAM
* 16 MB video card
* Microsoft® Direct X® 8.0a (not included)
* 70 MB free hard disk space for game files
* 100 MB free hard disk space for swap files
* 100% fully OpenGL® compliant 3-D video card
* For internet play, 100% Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT 4.0 compatible 56.6k modem or better internet connection. 56.6k modem play is not recommended for games with more than 8 players total; broadband players should be able to handle up to 32 depending on their connection with the server on which they're playing.

The installer will install the "Play" shortcut to the top portion of your start menu, rather than into the "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer TEST" shortcut located in "Start Menu\Programs\Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer TEST". Please use the "Play" shortcut located at the top of your Windows Start Menu to play the game.


The installer will install two shortcut folders in the "start menu\Programs" called "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test". Please use the "Play" shortcut located in the top shortcut folder called "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test" to launch the game.

All efforts are made to screen files for malicious content. However, these files are provided by outside parties not affiliated with Blue's News, and no support, warranty, or help can be offered. Please address any issues to individual authors.


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