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Date: August 22, 2001
Name: Red Faction Multiplayer Test v1.10
Size: 50.9 MB (53,343,414 bytes)
Source: Volition redfactionmultitest110.exe
3D Gamers* Page
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
The Red Faction Multiplayer Test v1.10 is now available. It includes two 16-player Deathmatch levels as well as two 16-player Capture the Flag maps. Please note that this is a technology Test and not a fully-featured demo.

Version History:
- Initial Test Release

- Added new CTF level, "Blasted Canyon" (ctf01demo).
- Added several new CTF status messages for caps, pickups, etc.
- Added player IP addresses to "info" server display.
- Added modified "info" display for clients.
- Added "ban" and "ban_ip" server console commands.
- Added "LAN only" checkbox to Multi/Create/Options, also to the Servers screen. LAN vs. THQMultiplay (Internet) games are now 100% distinct.
- Reworked reliable packet layer to help reduce overall latency for critical game events. Should improve problems with people being arbitrarily kicked from a server or timeouts when joining.
- Reworked code related to weapon switching, item respawning/pickups, and CTF gameplay.
- Made framerate optimizations and eliminated some hitching problems.
- Fixed handheld remote charge rendering bug.
- Fixed item pickup bug in large games.
- Fixed bug where newly respawned players would appear to stand still, then teleport on other client machines.
- Fixed flamethrower vs. dedicated server bug.
- Fixed general flamethrower damage problem.
- Fixed flakiness with ~ console toggle key.
- Fixed "name" and "kick" commands to properly work with capital letters.
- Minor weapons tweaks.

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