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Date: December 17, 1998
Name: QuakeWorld 2.33-0001 Test Version
FTP.BLUESNEWS.COM: qw233-0001.zip
Walnut Creek CDROM: qw233-0001.zip
Size: 548 KB
Source: QuakeWorld.net
Description: From the Homepage:
With any test release, problems tend to show up quickly.

Test release 2.33-0001 is now available. Changes are:

  • Bug where 2.33 players would get 'stuck' after about fifteen minutes of play corrected.
  • New version system in that interim test releases now have build numbers. This release is 2.33-0001, the next test release will probably be 2.33-0002 or higher (for your info, the second number is days since Dec 17th, 1998).

Test release 2.33-0001 downloads:

QuakeWorld 2.33 is a test release to address several issues that have come to light in the QuakeWorld community. Several different DoS (Denial Of Service) attacks have surfaced that need addressed.

This test release contains both a new client and server to address these problems. This release is currently compatible with 2.30 servers and clients, but this will not be true once the test period has completed. The next release of QuakeWorld with be 2.4 and will be changed so previous versions will no longer function. This is necessary in order to fully combat all the denial of service attacks currently present and to facility some changes in the prevention of cheating.

The QuakeWorld 2.33 client has the follow changes and issues addressed:

  • Bug where client would crash during a level change if a skin name longer than 16 characters on the server has been fixed.
  • The client now ignores foreign connection requests while connected to a server.
  • A foreign message packet with C-style format strings no longer cause a client crash. Large packets sent to the client could cause it to exit with a fatal error
  • Timing issues with later versions of Windows 95 and Windows 98 that would cause clients to mistime their frame times and result in a player that could run faster/slower on a server has been changed and fixed.
  • When the client is running in a window, going to the menu or the console automatically frees up the mouse cursor.

QuakeWorld 2.33 server changes:

  • Server now unpauses when all clients disconnect.
  • A possible server crash with large userinfo data has been fixed
  • A minor buffering error in network data was fixed

Feedback for the release should be directed to Zoid at zoid@idsoftware.com

Previous version of QuakeWorld
  • 32 MB RAM


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