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File Download

Note: Other websites, please link to this page, rather than the files directly. Thanks.

Date: October 17, 2001
Name: No One Lives Forever GotY Multiplayer Maps
Size: 50.2 MB (52,607,524 bytes)
Source: Monolith FOXREZ.exe
3D Gamers* Page
Monolith Page
NolfGirl Page
Patches Scrolls (Germany) Page
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
  *Denotes multiple mirrors available.
This download contains all of the new multiplayer maps contained in the GOTY edition of NOLF. It does not include the new singleplayer mission. You must download and install the 1.004 patch before you can join GOTY servers that are running these maps!

GOTY Maps Installation:
1. Make sure you have the latest update (v1.004) of No One Lives Forever
2. Double click the self-extracting exe. (Foxrez.exe) and it will place the rez file in the c:\NOLFGOTYMAPS
3. Create a new folder (directory) in C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever (or wherever the NOLF root directory is located) and make sure you name the folder "Custom" (without the quotes)
4. Now copy the fox.rez file that's in c:\NOLFGOTYMAPS and paste it to the "Custom" folder that you've just created.
5. Initialize the NOLF Launcher and click on the "Advanced..." button.
6. From the Advanced Options menu click on the "Customize" button.
7. Once your in the Advanced Options Customize menu you should see the Fox.rez file appear on the left side of the column.
8. Point and click on Fox.rez then click on the Add button. This will shift the Fox.rez file to the right hand side of the column.
9. You may want to check the "Always load these rez files" check box so you don't repeat the steps listed here everytime you exit the program and relaunch the game.
10. Click and select OK within all the Advanced Options menu's and launch the game.
No One Lives Forever retail v1.004

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