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Date: August 26, 1999
Name: Kingpin 1.2 Patch
Size: 2.12 MB (2,224,640 bytes)
Source: Interplay/Xatrix
ftp.bluesnews.com: kingpin12.exe
Interplay: kingpin12.exe
3D Action Gamers: kingpin12.exe
GamingGroup: kingpin12.exe
PlanetMirror (Australia) File
Kingpin v1.2 Fixes/Changes:

+ New "g_mapcycle_file" variable, to set the cycle list to something other than "maps.lst" or "teammaps.lst"
+ Added "kickban" command to server (works same as "kick <id>" but also adds the ip to the filter list)
+ Download skins option in Player Setup menu
+ added "time" command to consol
+ fixed server exploit
+ alterations to voting system
+ client model server crash with dm_locational_damage enabled
+ Invisible player models for unknown female skins
+ Chasecam observer mode
+ New "Push Download" tech for faster file transfers
+ Make download system backwards compatible with old servers AND old clients
+ Server's send "deposited" to GameSpy via "deaths" field
+ Disable CD check when enabling CD music in options
+ Add debug info to "FS_Read: 0 bytes read" error
+ Fix scoreboard for realmode (show kills and net score)
+ In Gangbang teamplay, frags go to the wrong team
= Dead bodies of client's that haven't respawned yet block doorways
+ Skins not found, try and keep model, change skins back to 001 001 001 (since this is a safe set for all models)
+ BAN voting system to boot trouble makers
+ Subtract a frag for dying in "real mode". Subtract 2 for suiciding.
+ Weapons reload after firing, if reload is pressed when clip is full
+ Fixed some crashes
+ Downloadable skins/models
+ misc tweaks
+ spectator mode exploit
+ Shooting Flamethrower, switch weapons, flame stays
+ LINUX: crashes during fighting with sewer guy with guns
+ unlimited ammo in single player (DF_INFINITE_AMMO)
+ last player killed when reaching fraglimit gets overflowed (made scoreboard message unreliable)
+ skin: "male thug/sku sup sup" causes Sewer skin in teamplay
+ Player ID always RED
= old chat style option
+ shotgun doesn't always change when out of ammo
+ real-mode option in start server menu
Full version of Kingpin.

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