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Date: September 22, 2000
Name: Quake III Arena Version 1.25 (Win32)
Size: 17.3 MB (18,169,485 bytes)
Source: id Software
ftp.bluesnews.com Q3PointRelease_125.exe
ftp.idsoftware.com Q3PointRelease_125.exe
ftp.cdrom.com Q3PointRelease_125.exe
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Quake III Arena (c) 1999-2000 Id Software Inc.
Point Release v1.25

Since the release of Quake III Arena in 1999, id's development team has been working to address issues that have risen within the code. These issues involved correction of newly discovered errors, responding to requests for new features, adding features to improve on-line functionality, and ways to allow beneficial and fun game modifications -- while still making it hard for players to cheat.

With this point release or "patch," our primary focus is to bring the original Quake III Arena operation up to date with many of the improvements to be found in Quake III: Team Arena, the first official add-on pack for Quake III Arena. In addition, the point release addresses on-line cheating, adds some new gameplay features, including the ability to participate in MPlayer's new Global Rankings statistic tracking, and eliminates the CD check for the single player game and for setting up servers running bots.

This point release is intended to be installed on top of the v1.17 point release made earlier in 2000. If you have an out-of-the-box, unmodified installation of Quake III Arena, you will need to install the v1.17 point release first.

In addition to replacing the Quake III Arena excutable file, v1.25 also installs pak4.pk3, a new id Pak File in your baseq3 directory. This new Pak File contains information that will overwrite and/or add to assets currently used to play the game. The changes and new assets focus on updating bot function, modifying the user interface, and adding new game play sounds.

These changes do affect basic game play, so authors of modifications to Quake III Arena should take note.


* New Updates to version 1.25 *


| CD Check Disabled |

Quake III Arena no longer requires the game CD to be in place before starting a single player game or before starting a multiplayer server that uses bots.

| Cheating Countermeasures |

Since point release v1.17 was distributed, several game "hacks" have cropped up that circumvent the game features intended to prevent on-line cheating. Version 1.25 counters those hacks and provides additional protection against future cheating methods.

| Menu Change |
On the in-game menu, the word "START" now appears instead of the word "TEAM." When you enter a game for the first time, select START. Your allowed options are in red. For team games, selecting JOIN RED or JOIN BLUE puts you on a team. For Free for All, you enter the match. For Tournament, you enter the queue waiting to play your match. SPECTATE moves you into the ranks of those watching the game.

| New Medal Awards |

Two new medals will be awarded to players during Capture the Flag games. These medals recognize individual player actions that often go unheralded in the heat of play.


This medal is awarded whenever the player actively participates in a capture being made. Active participation includes carrying the flag part of the way, or close proximity defense (fragging attackers) of the flag carrier close to the time the capture is made.


This medal is awarded whenever the player either frags a foe who is physically near the flag base or when the player frags a foe anywhere else while he himself is near the flag base.

| Individual Point Scores in Team Games|

During the course of play in a Capture the Flag game, points will be awarded to individual players for actions that they or their team perform. This serves, to some degree, as a measure of a player's performance against other players. In the event of a tie game (game time runs out before one team reaches the map's capture limit), the game enters a sudden death elimination. First team to score a capture wins.

Capture Bonus 100 Player makes a flag capture.

Team Bonus 25 Award to each team member when a
capture occurs.

Recovery Bonus 10 Award to a player for returning the flag.

Flag Bonus 10 Award when a player picks up enemy flag.

Frag Flag Carrier 20 Award for fragging enemy flag carrier.

Protection Bonus 5 Award for fragging enemy who has
recently hurt the player's flag carrier.

Guardian Bonus 2 Award for fragging an enemy while either
he or you are near your flag carrier.

Flag Defense Bonus 2 Award for fragging an enemy while either
he or you are near your flag base.

Assist Bonus 10 Award for returning a flag tht causes a
capture to happen almost immediately.

Frag Assist Bonus 10 Award for fragging an enemy flag carrier if
a capture happens almost immediately.

| Score Balloons |
When a player scores a point or points (including negative points) in any game type, the awarded point value floats up from the target like a balloon and slowly fades out.

| Reselect Models |

Players who regularly play team games like Capture the Flag or Team DM will want to specify the model they use in team games, which can be different from the ones they may use in Free for All (FFA) or Tournament matches. Type "/team_model <model>" in the command line of the console and hit Enter. If you want your head to be different than the one normally used by the model, type in "/team_headmodel <model>" and hit Enter. Example: "/team_model major" and "team_headmodel mynx" will give you a model in team games with mynx's head sitting on major's body. The same can be done for FFA and Tournament games. /model selects the body model and /headmodel the model used for the head. Player sounds are those specificed for the body model.

| Enhanced Capture the Flag Sounds |

A variety of new sounds have been added to enhance the Capture the Flag game and bring it in line with the type of audio feedback that will be in Quake III: Team Arena.

| Enhanced Bot Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) |

The Quake III Arena bots should play an even better game now, with particular focus given to the CTF games. Part of this change includes revised navigation files (.aas) for the original game maps. Older navigation files will still work. However, Quake III Arena players who make their own original maps for use with bots will want to recompile (bspc) their Navigation files as soon as the revised tools become available. In the meantime, those maps will run, but the bots will not take full advantage of their new A.I. features until after a new navigation file has been made.

| New Console Commands |

The following console commands ("c-vars") have been added to the game since v1.17

/headmodel - changes only the head of the model to another model. Example: If you are playing as the Grunt model, /headmodel "sarge" will stick Sarge's head on Grunt's body. Selecting a new model will load both the model and its matching head.

/team_model - changes to a model that will only be used during team game play.

/team_headmodel - changes head model to a head that will only be used during team game play.

/cg_scorePlums - this enables the display of the floating scoring number balloons. The default is 1 (on).

/r_ext_compress_textures was renamed to r_ext_compressed_textures and
defaulted to 0. If you are using an S3 video card, you will want this to be set to 1. All other users should set it to the default of 0.

/set disable_<item name> - This command allows the administrator of a server to disable a particular item from the map. As an example: "/set disable_weapon_bfg 1" will make it so that the bfg does not show up in a map. Changing the value back to 0 and executing a /map_restart command will bring the disabled item back.

| Global Rankings from MPlayer |

MPlayer, the hosts for www.quake3world.com, have created a Global Rankings system that is now integrated into Quake III Arena. Global Rankings is a FREE, automated ranking and statistics system that gives game players their game rankings and statistics immediately after their game has ended. Players can play on any server, any service and almost any platform (currently supports PC, Mac and Linux). The statistics reported will vary by game. For more information on Global Rankings, see the GRreadme.txt file in your Quake III Arena directory.

| Bug Fixes and Code Additions |

We're at protocol 45.

- Fixed autodownload code.
- Fixed Dropped sounds bug.
- New pure server code.
- New encryption.
- Added score balloons that appear over targets/locations where the player has scored individual points.
- Global Rankings support. Quake III Arena supports and interacts with MPlayer's statistic recording and ranking system.
- Modified physics so that both dll and qvm physics match.
- Added the Defense Award and medal for defensive actions in team play.
- Modified awards for invidual scores.
- Added the Assist award and medal for actions which assist the flag carrier in scoring a capture.
- Added new botlib and area files. Bots will interact more effectively with the game environment. Bots understand how to use buttons.
- Added headmodel support to allow players to switch heads between models.
- Added team_model / team_headmodel cvars. Separate model and head can be specified for teamplay games only.

- Memory use is a lot more economical when using qvms.
- Expanded number of pak files that may be used from 64 to 1024.

Requirements: Retail Quake III Arena (Win32) version 1.17

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